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Jennifer LeeJennifer LeeHong Kong, China
Hi Amanda!!! Your 14 Day Plan is seriously life changing...I was a little intimidated to try it as I’m not good with diets OR exercise but was shocked at how easy it was to follow and how much I actually enjoyed it! Not only did I lose 12lbs in 14 days, but I learned so so much and it has changed the way I live my life – I’m recommending your program to EVERYONE I know!

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TrikaTrikaNew York
I don’t know how to explain it…you how you have changed my life COMPLETELY . . After watching your videos I was so inspired that I started working out everyday and eating much healthier then I subscribed to your 14 Day Plan and I have never been the same. I lost weight, toned up and I feel sooo much happier...

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CarmelaCarmelaMilan, Italy
Amanda, Amanda, Amanda. I really want to take this opportunity to give you a MEGA thank you for all the workouts you’ve produced and the 14 Day Plan that changed my life. They've helped me more than any other method I've tried. Especially the gym. I sweat, see effects and even get EXCITED a lot more about these than going to the gym...

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