aboutamandaRunning was my passion; I had endorsement deals, awards, records and sponsorships, and all the promise of a glittering athletic future. It was my dream to compete in the Beijing Olympics in the 10,000m. With my hopes high, my running career soaring, and my training schedule set, I was determined to do whatever it took to achieve my goal; I was on fire….when all of a sudden it all came to a screeching halt – a career-ending injury.After being told I would never run again, my dreams were crushed, my identity lost, my spirit sunk. But if running had taught me anything, it was that you CAN NOT give up just because it gets tough.  Read more.trainyou

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Sexy For Halloween - No Bat Wings Workout

Sexy For Halloween - No Bat Wings WorkoutHappy Halloween!! The holiday where the theme for us ‘adults’ is to basically have an excuse to wear the sexiest version of a costume. – oy! But lets get into it and get ready! I mean it when I say, “move over bikini season! Halloween season is just as revealing”! There is no question Batwoman is hot! Bat Wings on the other hand, not so much. Throw yourself into this workout and lets firm up, tone and sculpt ..Read More

Breast Cancer Warrior Tribute Workout - Attack it!

Breast Cancer Warrior Tribute Workout - Attack it!It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I wanted to dedicate this Fighter Workout to all the incredibly STRONG iron ladies(and men) who have battled breast cancer, or are currently in the fight. Breast cancer has affected many close to me, and I’m sure everyone knows someone who has been affected, so I’d like to take this time to honor them, and send them our energy to power up, fight. We all have choices to how we react to things, you may ..Read More

Joining Self Magazine's #SELFMade Collective!

Joining Self Magazine's #SELFMade Collective!I am SO honored and excited to announce that I am joining Self magazine's #SELFMade Collective, alongside an array of women from all backgrounds ranging from actresses to financiers, and many more.  Read on to check out the SELF Collection! So what is #SELFMade? The editors from Self magazine selected 20 Women from around the world whom they defined as icons for what it means to be SELF made and represent the power we have as individuals to control our ..Read More

#FSSQ: 5 Moves to Boost Your Bust

#FSSQ: 5 Moves to Boost Your BustThe good news is that you can improve your bust with exercise by working the muscles that lie below and behind your ladies, your pectoral muscles.  Exercise can naturally perform any miracles for your bust without extreme surgery, including lifting, strengthening and toning to help maintain your shape and structure. So, without further ado, here are 5 moves to Boost Your Bust: 1. Push-ups 2. Dumbbell bench press (you can do this exercise on a stability ball)   3. Tricep ..Read More

Target’s C9 Activewear Workout Top and Tank Review

Target’s C9 Activewear Workout Top and Tank ReviewThere is no question I adore fashion and believe it can serve as a powerful motivator for women. YES, we work out to be healthy, but come on, what woman doesn’t want to look and FEEL great? You have likely heard me say this before, but it’s true: times have changed, and ‘fitness clothing’ no longer consists of your boyfriend/husband’s old t-shirts and frumpy shorts or sweatpants. NO WAY – now fitness is an actual ..Read More

6 Slim ’n’ Spooky Halloween Treats

6 Slim ’n’ Spooky Halloween TreatsHow do you let the kid inside you indulge this Halloween without blowing your grown-up diet? There’s a few tricks you can use to make treats that are healthy and satisfy your cravings for sweet or salty seasonal fare.  Check out our chosen 6 Slim 'n' Spooky Halloween Treats for Halloween! 6. Pumpkin Dip Don’t let the word “dip” scare you! This version from MyRecipes is packed with fiber, calcium, and vitamin A and has a smooth sweet ..Read More



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