aboutamandaRunning was my passion; I had endorsement deals, awards, records and sponsorships, and all the promise of a glittering athletic future. It was my dream to compete in the Beijing Olympics in the 10,000m. With my hopes high, my running career soaring, and my training schedule set, I was determined to do whatever it took to achieve my goal; I was on fire….when all of a sudden it all came to a screeching halt – a career-ending injury.After being told I would never run again, my dreams were crushed, my identity lost, my spirit sunk. But if running had taught me anything, it was that you CAN NOT give up just because it gets tough.  Read more.trainyou

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Don't Sabotage That Sandwich! 5 Slimming Sandwich Swaps

Don't Sabotage That Sandwich! 5 Slimming Sandwich SwapsYou don't have to live on salads to be healthy at lunch - there are INCREDIBLE Slimming Sandwich Swaps Going back to school? Starting a new job? In either case, when noon rolls around, your best bet is to skip fast food and pack your own grub. If you're more of a sandwich rather than a salad person, that's all fine and dandy--just remember that your hoagie or B.L.T can easily become loaded with calories if ..Read More

Fit Strong and Sexy Class Schedule

Fit Strong and Sexy Class ScheduleFSS Class Schedule Beginning Aug 20th It's not about working out longer, it's about working out smarter …. This is the NEXT Generation of Fitness! DAY/CITY Location TIME Class Format Monday Shala Studio 7:30-8am FSS: 30/30 Tabata Aspen, CO + BONUS 6 min Hips, Butt and Thighs Tuesday Shala Studio 1:15-1:45pm FSS Total Body Pyramid Aspen, CO + Bonus 6 Min Core Toning Wednesday Shala Studio 9:50-10:20 am FSS: 30/30 Tabata Aspen, CO + Bonus 6 min Back & Abs Thursday Shala Studio 1:15-1:45pm FSS Total Body Pyramid Aspen, CO + BONUS 6 min Hips, Butt and Thighs Friday Shala Studio 4:30-5pm FSS: 30/30 Tabata Aspen, CO + BONUS 6 Min ..Read More

The Truth about Cleanses and Detoxes: 3 Major Myths

The Truth about Cleanses and Detoxes: 3 Major Myths   Cleanses and "detox" diets are all the rage, but do they really give rise to weight loss and improved physical and emotional wellness? And are they even necessary to begin with? Let me divulge my myths and truth about cleanses and detoxes before you decide to stop eating. Myth #1: Cleanses are an important and necessary way of ridding the body of toxins. NO. But? No, No, No. Do you hear me? "Experts" claim in advice columns and advertisements that you need to cleanse ..Read More

Presenting: Fit Strong and Sexy Certification

Presenting: Fit Strong and Sexy CertificationNow you can get to your fittest, sexiest self, inspire others and grow your business! For the first time ever, Amanda Russell is offering an incredibly results-driven, integrative, dynamic and transformative Fit, Strong and Sexy teacher training all set in the exquisite and stunning Aspen, Colorado. Join the movement to the next generation of fitness, become a  Fit Strong and Sexy Leader Think you’ve got what it takes to teach one of the most advanced workouts of our generation? Fit, Strong and Sexy (FSS), was ..Read More

5 Healthy Ways to Dress Up Your Popcorn

5 Healthy Ways to Dress Up Your Popcornby Food Critic, Joanna O'Leary Crunchy, salty, and satisfying, popcorn is a great snack — and it can be healthy, too. Air popped popcorn has only 30 calories per one cup serving plus whole grain that's packed with antioxidants and fiber, which helps you fight disease while keeping you fuller, longer  But the challenge is how to 'dress' your popcorn in a healthy way so you don't override its benefits. Common varieties, like buttery, salty movie theater style and ..Read More

How To Make A Healthy Filling Salad

How To Make A Healthy Filling Salad By Fitnet Blog Partner, Emily Salads are the quintessential “healthy meal,” and for good reason: they’re full of greens and vegetables! But salads also have a dark side. If you order them out at a restaurant, they run the risk of having as many calories as a burger, and if you make them at home, far too often, they don’t have enough calories to keep you satisfied (which is why you’ll start searching for something else to ..Read More



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