10 Min Torch ‘N’ Total Body Thanksgiving Workout


Imagine having the most delicious thanksgiving dinner, but not feeling like a lethargic overstuffed turkey? I got ya!!

So much cooking, so much food, so much EVERYTHING! No time for a workout? Think Again! This workout will give you MORE energy, and help you avoid the holiday weight gain, plus you’ll feel you really earned your dinner! 

Every year I create a special Thanksgiving Workout, which can be done in your living room, hotel room or anywhere. What makes it better? Roping in my friends, family, whoever is around to join me. I call it “Torchin for the Turkey” 🙂

My Thanksgiving Workout video always comes out on my Youtube channel the morning of American Thanksgiving, and it’s always designed to give you an incredible total body workout!

This year is no different – so here you go, the 2016 Fit Strong and Sexy Thanksgiving Workout

10 Min Metabolism Boosting Total Body Workout

You’ll need:

A medium weight (try between 5-15 pounds, depending on your fitness level).

Workout details:

Do 1 set of the prescribed number of reps for each exercise in succession, without rest between moves for one serious 10-minute sweat session.

The Workout

1. X-body Mtn climbers
– High knees

2. Curtsey Lunges to kick
– High knees

3. Tuck Jump + burpee
– High knees

4. Spider Walks Fast
– High knees

5. Squat Jacks (squat position, jack feet)
– High knees

6. Side Plank Hip Drops
– High knees

7. Goddess Squat Swings with weight
– High knees

8. Plank Arm/Leg balance
– High knees

9. Straight Leg Scissors
– High knees


And to browse or choose from other thanksgiving workouts through the years – here’s a quick archive list: Thanksgiving Workout Archive.

IMPORTANT Personal Note – PLEASE comment below this video, or on Facebook, gosh take a picture I want to know:

1. Where are you when you do this workout?

2. What are you thankful for?


Keep raising the standard on what it means to be fit!

With Gratitude


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