10 Minute Total Body Torcher

This 10 minute metabolism revving workout is perfect for those who are short on time and need workouts that will challenge them step by step. Our total body torcher is made to target and challenge every muscle in your body. This workout is comprised of 10 moves. Each move you will be doing for one whole minute with no breaks. By the end of the workout, you will have completed 10 minutes of a full-body, cardio workout.

As with all the workouts we do here at Valeo, you need little to no equipment to do this. Although it may be too cold to do this workout outside this time of year, you can easily do this in a small space, like your living room, hotel room, or bedroom. .

Embrace every minute of this workout as you get stronger with every move you complete!


Workout Details

Duration // 5 minutes

Type // Toning/Strengthening

Booty Blast Workout Step by Step //

  • Side Plank Hip Drops
  • Curtsy Lunges to Kick
  • Tuck Jump + Burpee
  • Spider Walks
  • Goddess Squat Swings
  • Squat Jacks
  • Side Plank Stars
  • Straight Leg Scissors
  • Plank Arm
  • X-Body Mountain Climbers


Breakdown //

  1. Side Plank To Hip Drops
    Step 1 // Start in a plank position with elbows on ground.

    Step 2 // Rotate hips from side to side.

  2. Curtsy Lunges To Kick
    Step 1 // Stand with feet hip width apart. Bend knee behind you into a lunge.

    Step 2 // Bring lunging leg up and out into a “kick”.

    Step 3 // Repeat. Alternating between a lunge and a kick.

  3. Tuck Jump + Burpee
    Step 1 // Jump, bringing knees to palms in high knees.

    Step 2 // Bring hands to floor and push legs out into a plank position

    Step 3 // Jump legs back in and stand, repeating high knee tuck jump.

    Step 4 // Repeat and alternate between tuck jump and burpee.

  4. Spider Walks
    Step 1 // Get into a plank position with arms fully extended.

    Step 2 // Bring knee up towards elbow, slightly extending outwards.

    Step 3 // Repeat, alternating knees.

  5. Goddess Squat Swings
    Step 1 // Stand with feet spread wide and a weight in between hands with arms extended.

    Step 2 // When squatting down, bring weight up in front of face.

    Step 3 // When extending legs to stand, lower weight down.

  6. Squat Jacks
    Step 1 // Stand with feet hip width apart.

    Step 2 // Squat in an explosive movement while also bringing arms up wide in air.

    Step 3 // Bring arms down when jumping back up and repeat.

  7. Side Plank Stars
    Step 1 // Start with a side plank, with elbow on ground.

    Step 2 // Lift outer leg up while also lifting outer arm up in the air.

    Step 3 // Bring back down and repeat, lifting both arm and leg simultaneously.

  8. Straight Leg Scissors
    Step 1 // Lay on your back facing up.

    Step 2 // Lift leg up while bringing opposite arm up, reaching for shin.

    Step 3 // Alternate this same movement between arms and legs.

  9. Plank Arm
    Step 1 // Start in a plank position with arms fully extended.

    Step 2 // Lift one arm up while also lifting opposite leg up.

    Step 3 // Alternate between lifting opposite legs and arms.

  10. X-Body Mountain Climbers
    Step 1 // Start in a plank position.

    Step 2 // Bring in knees towards chest, alternating between knees, as fast as you can.


So, what did you think? These kind of workouts are always easier said than done but if you accepted the challenge to tackle this workout today, then give yourself a pat on the back! You did it!

Inspire Yourself,