#Loveyourbody Week 2: The Power of Love and Forgiveness


How did you do with last week’s body conversation exercise? We hope you made a nice long list of everything you want to thank your body for!

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February is #loveyourbody month at www.fitstrongandsexy.com. So, Amanda and I are bringing you a weekly exercise called “Body Conversations” to help build a great relationship and love with your body.

Let’s get started with “Body Conversation” #2!

Make a list of anything you want to apologize to your body for. Think of your beautiful body as you would a best friend you love and cherish. As you think back, what are you sorry about or what do you regret with the way you’ve been with your body?

Maybe there are times you didn’t take good care of your body or even ignored it?

Are there things you’ve said to yourself about your body that have been not so nice or sometimes downright mean? (You know that voice in your head that says negative things to yourself you wouldn’t dare say to anyone else!)

You might have pushed your body past a point that wasn’t healthy or kind – not eating well, sleeping enough or overstressing.

Here are a couple of examples we’ve heard so far:

  • “I’m sorry for all the times I’ve looked in the mirror and been critical of my body and how it looks or performs.”
  • “I apologize to my body for feeding it all kinds of unhealthy foods, ignoring exercise and then blaming my body for gaining weight.”
  • “I want to apologize to my body for ignoring her so often and not taking good care of her for long periods of time.”
  • I’m sorry for overdoing it and not giving my body enough rest.

Now it’s your turn to write up your own list of apologies. Once you have your list, take a few minutes in a quiet place and read it to your wonderful body. This is an amazing opportunity to not only apologize to your body but also forgive yourself!

It is incrforgiveedibly healing and freeing to apologize and acknowledge ways you have treated your body in the past that didn’t make you proud.

And to take it a step further, pay your body a big compliment right now!  Step over to the mirror, look yourself in the eye and tell it to your body!

In order to build a loving relationship with your body you must be caring, loving and kind.  Forgive yourself for anything in the past and move forward powerfully with better intentions. Our brand new 7-Day Brain and Body Boot Camp is a great way to show your body love.  You have to train your body AND your brain to create lasting change.  What are you waiting for?  Click here to get started!

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With Love,