6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Fridge!


I look at Sundays like a chance to reset for the week ahead, and what better time to do so than during the refreshing arrival of spring?

Check out my Tips for How to Spring Clean Your Fridge!

1. STORE SNACK PAIRINGS TOGETHER – portion and store your healthy snacks in zip lock bags or small containers, and place them in the same area of the fridge. This will help you easily grab a healthy snack combo when you feel the need, instead of grabbing whatever is in front of you.



2. PORTION TEMPTING FOODS – living a healthy life doesn’t necessarily mean completely eliminating your favorite cheat foods. Instead, store your rewards in moderate portions that you can enjoy with good conscience! Knowing how much you’ve actually eaten and how much each portion contains will keep you accountable and prevent mindless overeating. Don’t forget to check out my other blogs for lots of delicious alternatives to unhealthy treats!



3. STORE PRE-COOKED GRAINS – despite being healthy, even the best grains contain quite a lot of carbs and calories. To make sure you get just the right amount, store pre-measured jars or containers of your regular grains so you can easily make yourself a balanced, guilt-free meal when hunger hits!



4. NOTE THE DATE ON FRUITS & VEGGIES – how often do you stock up on lots of healthy foods only to have them go bad? Next time you decide to fill your fridge with healthy veggies, fruits or berries, place them in zip lock bags at, and mark each one with the date you got them. This will help you stay organized when choosing what to eat instead of wasting money on abandoned food!



5. HAVE BACKUP VEGGIES AT HAND – buy plenty of frozen veggies in steam bags or jarred vegetables for those days when you don’t have the energy to cook or even prep your food the slightest. It’s easy to be optimistic and convince yourself those days will never come…but they most likely will, so be prepared!



6. MOVE COMFORT FOODS OUT OF SIGHT – perhaps you live with someone who doesn’t follow your lifestyle pattern or simply can’t resist buying those really unhealthy cheats. To avoid this common pit-fall, make sure to place all no-no foods at the very back of your pantry or fridge, and put the good stuff in front of it. If you see the healthy stuff first, you’re brain is less likely to follow its old pattern of telling you to grab the fatty or sugary food to satisfy your hunger.



GOOD LUCK and feel free to share these tips with all your friends!

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