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COOL DOWN Workout with ARFit!!

You workout hard and should cool down just as much!! Follow me in this amazing cool down to get the best results in your workout!! And if it isn’t enough check out my friend Tommy Europe’s page!


Everyone wants to look their best in skinny jeans or pants so here is the SKINNY JEAN WORKOUT to make that happen!! So follow along with me to look your best this season in your skinny jeans!!

Washboard Ab Challenge

It’s an ARFit WASHBOARD AB CHALLENGE!!! It’s only 3.5 minutes long, and who doesn’t have 3.5 minutes? So, take the challenge and feel your abs on fire!!!


YOU ASKED, AND I LISTENED- HERE IS MY 5 MIN INTENSE WORKOUT!!! Who doesn't have 5 minutes right?? So, no excuses, push play and give me the next 5 mins to get you in Fit Strong and Sexy shape!!!

Don’t Have Time to Workout?

Don’t think you have the time to work out?? Not with this weeks workout!! All you need is just a couple of minutes and you’ll be on with the rest of your day!!