2015 Five Intense Minute Workout

Five Intense Minute Workout

YOU ASKED, and I LISTENED- HERE IS MY 5 MIN real time INTENSE WORKOUT!!! Who doesn’t have 5 minutes right?? So, no excuses push play and give me the next 5 minutes to get you in Fit Strong and Sexy Shape!

The Workout:

  • 4 Exercises – 8 reps each.
  • As many rounds as you can complete in 5 minutes!


The Exercises:

  • Lunge Jumps
  • Push Ups
  • Burpees
  • Dips

Five Intense Minute Workout

Crazy how effective and productive 5 minutes can be for your mind and body right? But the KEY is INTENSITY, YES, I do believe you can get into better shape in less time, however, the time spent exercising must be WORTH it!

This means you must push the intervals as hard as you possibly can, GET uncomfortable, gasp for air, and forget about everything else except getting through the interval, getting stronger. THIS is when change happens.

Once you realize how to push yourself in these workouts, achieving success becomes clear and simple.
You know what to do, you do it, you make it counts and you become your best YOU!!

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