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Skinny Eggnog

Skinny Eggnog

We have our friends at SkinnyMom to thank for this post! You can still enjoy this rich, creamy and truly delicious Christmas drink and free yourself of waistline thoughts. They serve up a lighter version of this traditional holiday cheer. The almond milk is a favorite with lactose challenged folks and you can add a bit of extra cheer with whiskey, bourbon or rum! With only 6 ingredients this Skinn ...[Read More]

The Essential Healthy Holiday Guide

The Essential Healthy Holiday Guide

‘Tis the season…. the most Exciting, yet Frenetic and Stressful time of the year.   Which means it’s time for my annual #HealthyHolidays Series!  You must WATCH this video I made for you to learn all about it! ‘Healthy‘ and ‘Holiday’ seem like a paradox? With the busiest month, Exercise Habits tend to fall off the wagon (or sled) in an attempt to get to the holiday tasks. M ...[Read More]

Thanksgiving Workout

10 Min Torch ‘N’ Total Body Thanksgiving Workout

Imagine having the most delicious thanksgiving dinner, but not feeling like a lethargic overstuffed turkey? I got ya!! So much cooking, so much food, so much EVERYTHING! No time for a workout? Think Again! This workout will give you MORE energy, and help you avoid the holiday weight gain, plus you’ll feel you really earned your dinner!  Every year I create a special Thanksgiving Workout, whi ...[Read More]

The Best Thanksgiving Workouts

The Best Thanksgiving Workouts

 Torchin for the Turkey Woohoo! The holiday season officially begins with American Thanksgiving! Every year I create a special Thanksgiving Workout that requires NO Equipment and can be done in your living room, hotel room or anywhere with no equipment. What makes it better? Roping in my friends, family, whoever is around to join me. I call it “Torchin for the Turkey” 🙂 My Thanksgiving ...[Read More]

workout lies

A Fitness Lie You Need To Stop Telling Yourself

Dear LORD, There are so many myths, trends, facts, opinions out there, it’s crazy overwhelming – here are 3 that are on my list of most annoying myths, and the truths. Some of you may not like what I’m going to say, I understand, many of the myths were put out there to justify concepts or ideas and keep us feeling comfortable, or give us an excuse (some just to sell a product or plan). That’s fine ...[Read More]


What to do on Rest and Recovery Days

Friends don’t let friends skip a proper REST DAY!  So if you are like me, self-admitted crazy exercise-lovers, then taking a day OFF is actually harder than any training day! I get more questions about what to do on REST days than any other type of training day. There are two types, those of us who live for the rest days, and have no problem sleeping in, getting a massage, letting the body serious ...[Read More]

Best Stretch Routine

The Best Stretch Routine-Dynamic Stretching

The question of the best way to stretch is clouded by so many misconceptions and conflicting studies. Every body is different, and ultimately you must find what works best for your body, BUT through a TON of my own experience, research and working with world class running coaches, strength strainers, and physical therapists – I concur that the very BEST way to stay injury free, improve flexibility ...[Read More]

No Bake Breakfast Balls

No Bake Breakfast Balls

Put down the Pop tart! The ‘quick breakfast’ is not NEW news. The healthy start breakfast is also not a headliner. And the peanut butter, granola combo? While delicious, not new either! What is? My NEW FAVORITE  No Bake Breakfast I love finding unique ways to do the same thing, and my requirements are that they are easy and quick, but for breakfast: healthy is really important. I figure I can alwa ...[Read More]

6-Minute Supermodel Stomach - Abs Routine

6 Min–Serious Supermodel Stomach Routine!

Alright I’m not going to fluff this up, if you want great abs, it takes more than a few crunches each day. The Supermodel Stomach is absolutely achievable and NO you don’t have to subsist on raw greens to get it! Side-Note – If I hear one more celebrity saying they get their sexy sculpted stomachs by simply ‘chasing their kids’, I’m going to have to call Bull Sheet. Ladies – this workout is ...[Read More]