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Is it your dream to feel mediocre?

I didn’t think so! But, if you don’t put effort into training your brain to work FOR YOU, excuses and justifications can keep you stuck in that mediocre zone. Settling for mediocrity can be tempting.  It’s easier and more comfortable to skip your workout, overeat, and procrastinate taking action and think, “I don’t feel great but it’s not horrible”. We get used to tolerating all kinds of things in ...[Read More]

How to stop procrastinating and get your dream body now!

How to stop procrastinating and get your dream body now!

Do you say you want to be fitter, stronger and sexier but you just don’t take consistent action? If your answer to that question is yes, this is for you! Often, we set goals for ourselves and stop short or never start at all.  Why is that?  For starters, we have all kinds of reasons and justifications for why we don’t follow through. Any of these sound familiar?   “I don’t have enough time.” ...[Read More]

workout time length

Q&A: How Long should you work out to get results?

Killer Truth: How Long should you work out? (stop the B.S) Why is it that sometimes exercise is a lot more complicated than it seems?? Getting motivated to do it is hard enough, let alone all the rest. Even when you do get there, all the questions about what type of exercise you should follow, how intense, what time and for how long keep you guessing if you’re on the right track! Going to the gym ...[Read More]

Brain and Body on Fire Workout!!

The Brain and Body Workout

The road to a fit mind doesn’t mean crossword puzzles alone. In fact, research shows that exercise is as close to a magic prescription to a fit brain as it gets! In fact, not being active actually slows down your memory, and your ability to juggle tasks and manage stress. So I decided to create this ultimate Brain and Body Workout to sharpen your cognitive skills while also delivering the calorie- ...[Read More]

5 Minute Quick Butt Workout

5 Minute Quick Butt Workout

Do you think your butt can be a few inches higher? Or are you not liking your post-holiday spread? Get a butt lift – no equipment requirement. This killer 5 min thigh toning and butt lifting routine gets fast and gorgeous results! Let me help you be booty-licious once again! The Workout The Workout 5 Exercise @ 30 Seconds Each = 2.5 Min (Repeat other side)! 1. Donkey kicks 2. Donkey pulses 3 ...[Read More]

Brain Training:  Powerfully Decide What You Want To Think & Believe!

Brain Training: Powerfully Decide What You Want To Think & Believe!

Did you know the decisions you make every day around fitness and diet are based on your belief system? And more importantly, you are probably unaware of what most of those beliefs even are! To achieve your dream body and be the best version of YOU, it’s important to have the RIGHT BELIEFS to support your goals. Think of these beliefs as your own personal laws. They are the rules you follow and the ...[Read More]