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5 Min Power Yoga Routine

5 Min Power Yoga Routine

Rev up your metabolism and immediately garner incredible energy with this 5 min power yoga routine! I created this for when I want a metabolism-boosting energizing pick-me-up, and I don’t have patience to sit through a long drawn out yoga class! I’m all about getting more out of less time, and this delivers. Watch Now: I challenge you to the 7 Day Workout Body Reset PLAN! 7 Days to los ...[Read More]

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5 Reasons Why HIIT is all The Hype

It’s no secret that HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is all the rage right now. And there’s good reason for it. recently released an article naming HIIT the number one fitness trend in 2018.   The Feel It, See It, Share It New Year Challenge that I’m working on with Amanda Russell of Fit, Strong and Sexy includes HIIT-inspired workouts for 28 days in January (we’re currently wr ...[Read More]