24 Hour Pre-Race Prep + Sample Menu

You aren’t going to get any faster at this point, so try to trust in your training, relax and get excited!

Of coarse, there are several ‘to-do’s we recommend to get you as prepared as possible and make race day, and the race itself go as smoothly as possible – here is our personal checklist:

  • Check the weather and prepare clothing (warm up, cool down, and ‘in case of’ clothing’ so you’re prepared for different conditions.
  • Plan/lay out what you are wearing( ex. shoes, stop watch, race bib, and anything else you plan on wanting to have ON you)
  • Pack everything in a Water Proof Gym Bag, and know where everything is.
    • If you have gels, make sure they are protected in plastic baggies to avoid potentially leaking)
    • Make sure to include a change of clothes, towel etc.
    • Tag your bag so you get it back from bag check after the race
  • Eat right throughout the day- since it’s only 5-10k, you do not need to carb load the way you would for longer distances, just eat sensibly- (try to balance your meals with 1/3 carbs and 1/3 protein) and drink plenty of water throughout the day to maintain the lovely pale yellow to clearish color of your urine).
  • Pick up and make sure to read through your race packet and look at the course, if you haven’t yet.
    • Make sure to have all the info for the course ready- know where you are going and what time you need to be there.
  • Get playlist together
  • Sleep – aim for 8 hours, but at least 7 hours should be good! You might be nervous and might not sleep perfectly, but that won’t matter too much, especially if you’ve slept fairly well throughout the few days before the race. The main thing is that your body is physically resting.
  • Whatever you do, do not invite a new food or beverage into your diet before your race, either the day of or day before. This could equal disaster; you never know how a new food will respond, especially with all the nerves.


Hopefully, you’ve been trying various nutrition strategies during your training and have a good idea of what works. Below is a ‘go-to’ template that works for us. Of coarse we vary it, but this is a standard one to follow and one you may want to try and test during training:

Short races may upset your stomach because of their higher intensity. To avoid GI distress, eat for a breakfast that’s easy on the belly. Your meal should be low in protein and fat and include low-fiber carbs. After the race, take advantage of the orange slices, bananas, bagels and cookies you can often find near the finish line.

Lunch (20 hours pre-race)

  • Turkey sandwich (wheat bread or wrap) with avocado
  • Carrots dipped in hummus
  • Small apple
  • Water


  • Veggie or bean burger
  • Baked sweet potato
  • apple
  • water

Snack (16 hours pre-race)

  • Trail mix
  • Water

Dinner (12 hours pre-race)

  • Grilled salmon
  • Brown rice
  • Steamed zucchini or broccoli
  • Water/electrolyte drink (pedialite, gatorade, coconut water)


  • Grilled chicken
  • Steamed quinoa or Wild Rice
  • Lightly Sauteed Spinach
  • Water/electrolyte drink (pedialite, gatorade, coconut water)

Snack (10 hours pre-race)

  • Air-popped popcorn
  • water


  • Yogurt with strawberries
  • Water

Breakfast (90 minutes pre-race)

  • 1-2 piece bread (toasted) with peanut butter & honey
  • Banana
  • 16 oz. water or low-calorie sports drink
  • sports drink

Within 30 minutes of the race make it a point to re-fuel and hydrate your muscles.  Eat something that contains both carbs and protein.

Now go out there and perform! It’s game time!!                                                                                                               Love, Amanda

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