I am doing this challenge a different way

Early this summer I received a message from Jesse Itzler that opened with this:

Do you have what it takes?
Jesse, aka ‘The 100 mile man‘, author of “Living with a Navy Seal” and legendary Entrepreneur (too many companies to list), wanted to create a challenge that is as physically difficult as an Ironman, but mentally even tougher (yes…really) —-and such this ‘Ironman Everest’ challenge was born.

His message closed with this:

“This is a challenge that will truly Check Your Soul. Are you ready to find out what’s inside of you?
Come climb the goddamn mountain…17 times.

My answer (within 30 seconds): “I’m IN!”
I take longer to decide on what type of milk to buy then it took me to answer this.

The concept of climbing a mountain, physically and mentally touched me to the bone, and I knew it was calling.

I knew that if I were to think about it logically, the time commitment, the physical ability to train and prepare, the mental stress added to an already full plate, it just didn’t make sense – but if you really want to SOAR above the everyday ‘average’, there are times you need to shut off that  part of your brain and just do it. ACTION often precedes mindset!

But Why? Too many of us get so caught up in the comfort and urgency of the daily routine and ‘fire at hand’, we fail to see the bigger picture, and therefore get stuck. Stuck in our bodies, our minds, our mediocre jobs, lives, relationships…
People want to know the secret of those who really seem to ‘have it all’….it’s BECAUSE of things like this, there is such power in taking on new roles and challenges that put you in situations with new and different people who see the world differently that we do. 

To be the very best, no matter the category you cannot just coast, you have to constantly be curious to learn more, try new things and to constantly dare to challenge yourself, push the boundaries of what is possible.’

But in doing this Everest Challenge, (one mountain to summit 17 times) my biggest fear is NOT the obvious, and very different than one may think and I’m scared…. to death.

This time, I’m not sure I will physically be able to do it, as I am not even able to train for it. I’ve made the public announcement, I have 24 Hour Fitness on board behind me, and even solicited 24 Hour’s new CEO, Chris Roussos, to do it alongside me (literally – we all have mountains), and I know I’m risking letting everyone down, mostly myself.

I spent the greater part of this summer on crutches after yet another injury, something I have been plagued by since the end of my competitive running career (some things will never totally heal or be the same). I am extremely limited in what I’m able to do physically, which makes the mental side exponentially terrifying.

If I trained like I wanted to, I would end up injured again, and there is a good chance my body won’t be able to handle this, but I need to try, I am looking at this as a new type of challenge – for me that is training by refraining from training. To go into this, this mountain in front of me (literally) NOT being at my physical best, not being completely fit or ready.

That’s scary.

But that’s life, if you wait to be ready, you will be forever waiting.

You need to know yourself, what you have to work with, and do the best with what you’ve got.

As Jessi said, we need to make the decision, stop waiting and make the goddamn decision to make it happen.

If you fail, you will fail knowing, and you will be stronger for it, you will know how to fall down and pick yourself back up again.

What is your mountain? Are you ready to go after it? (leave your comments below)

~Raising the Standard on what it means to be FIT,


I want to recognize the very special group of women who are currently doing an intensive 28 day fitness and nutrition plan with me, I literally have come to tears of compassion and joy countless times in just the 10 days since it began.
THIS IS PROOF in the power of making the commitment and securing the support and accountability of others.
If you missed this,  I recommend doing the Brain and Body Bootcamp. You can do it on your own time and still garner that community and mental training, which ultimately is what will get you committed beyond just the first few days of initial motivation.

Need a fire under your ass, check out the Everest Challenge, and then come back to this, one week to change your life and your body: Brain an Body Bootcamp!

I KNOW you can do it!