3 Worst Ab Mistakes and Best Practices

When it comes to abs, there are SO many factors, they are like fussy children (sigh) – it’s a delicate balance to get them on their best behavior. ‘Abs’, also known as your stomach/belly region is a major trouble zone so many of us struggle with and the myths out there are not only overwhelming, but many are downright false! So first things first, let’s get clear on some important ab topics to know and keep in mind.

  1. Abs are mainly nutrition
    Your diet is just as important, if not more, than your workouts. Have you ever thought about why you do ab workouts over and over again, but still aren’t seeing the results you want? Has your diet been a reflection as to why that could be? Make sure that you not only have a solid ab routine workout in place but also a healthy diet to complement and help shape you, instead of defer you from reaching your goals.
  2. Train Hard
    Just like anything else in life, one needs to train and work hard in order to see results and creating abs is no different. It’s important to have diversity in your workouts and really feel the burn. There is no better feeling than working hard for something and then seeing the fruits of your labor, aka your abs, come to life.
  3. Total Body Workouts
    There’s no such thing as spot training, meaning you can’t simply do crunches and think a 6-pack will appear. You have to work your whole body, and be burning more than you consume in order for those abs to come through. Incorporating full body workouts is a MUST! So get started, we have a whole free library of Valeo Fit full body videos ready to get you sweating in no time!There are no shortcuts, if you want the flat toned stomach, it’s going to take work, a combination of consistent quality training, full body workouts, and proper nutrition! Here’s one of our ‘go-to’ routines:


Equipment + Overview



Workout Details
Type // Toning
Ab Moves Step by Step //

  • Planks
  • Ab Roller Workouts


Breakdown //

  1. Planks
    Step 1 // Start in position with forearms on floor, parallel to each other and toes on the ground. Imagine back in straight line.Step 2 // Focus on holding and bringing in stomach, careful to avoid raising hips.
  2. Ab Roller Workouts
    Step 1 // Start with knees on floor with hands on either side of the ab roller.
    Step 2 // Roll ab roller away from you while keepings knees and legs in place
    Step 3 // Reverse and roll back in, switching back and forth between in and out.


Is your stomach on fire? I hope so! Let us know what your trouble zone is and what kind of workouts you’d like more of in the comments below.


~Inspire Yourself,