4 Best Exercises for a Sculpted Butt


Have you ever lost motivation and decided that maybe it just wasn’t in your genes to get a good butt?

It is OK if you have. Almost all of us have. But you CAN actually change the shape and size of your gluteus maEximus!

Seriously, when my running career ended, and my love for ice cream, potato chips, cookies remained completely in tact (Yes…I’m human!), my butt widened along with my hours in the desk chair

No joke…I went from getting complimented on my derrière to leaving people surprised when I told them I had been a competitive runner (how humbling)

But here is the deal…

Doesn’t matter if you have become ‘out of shape’ and let your butt drop along with the fitness regimen OR it’s always been a problem area, there IS something you CAN DO.

These are 4 of the BEST exercises I have found to get your butt slimmed down, sculpted and lifted!

4 exercises butt thumbnail

This is one video I am SUPER excited about, I even teamed up with my friends at Starwood Sports to bring it to you and I look forward to your comments on this one!

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