8 Exercises for a Flat Stomach | 5 minute Ab Workout

Ok, the mystery of the flat stomach is really not a mystery, you just need to have knowledge, power and direction.  I’ve gathered 8 intense ab exercises and put them together into a short but intense 5 minute ab workout so you have the roadmap you need to get a flat, toned, sexy midsection!


The BEST way to get results is to include exercises that target every muscle of your midsection, including your rectus abdominis (front of your abs), the external and internal obliques (sides of your abs), the transverses abdominis (bottom of your abs) and to balance things out, the important postural muscles of your lower back.

If you can include all of these muscle groups into a single workout, then you can quickly, safely and successfully get a flat, toned stomach or a set of six-pack abs!

So that is exactly what I’ve done – created a workout that works EVERY muscle of your mid-section and threw in a couple cardio intervals to blast off any ‘spare tires’ hiding your newly defined abs.



The Exercises

  1. Hip Ups
  2. Burpees
  3. Spider Super Heroes
  4. Plank with leg & arm lifts
  5. Plank Jacks
  6. Side Plank Air Crunches (each side)
  7. Side V-Ups (each side)
  8. Low Leg Pulses (lying on back)


If you want to make these exercises into a full 5-minute workout routine, log in to my Fit Strong and Sexy community to get the full length, real-time workout.  You’ll also have access to an entire library of full length workout videos (with new ones released every week), fitness plans, meal plans, healthy recipes and so much more!

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