5 Outdoor Summer Workouts that give you a BIG Calorie Burn

With summer time comes the (often dreaded) swimsuit season and skimpy clothing.! This year rather than getting anxious, EMBRACE the nicer weather as an opportunity to BREAK through your winter slump, get outside, get moving and shed that layer of insulation that kept you warm in the colder months.


Sorry ladies, breaking a sweat strolling around ‘hot humid’ weather does not count as a workout. However, some of my FAVORITE workouts of all time, (which also conveniently burn the MOST fat and calories and get you into incredible shape), can be done OUTSIDE in the

Beyond the obvious ones like biking, here are my picks that are not only fun and exciting but also total body torching workouts.


Here are my top 5 Favorite Outdoor Summer Workouts Picks This summer:

Inline Skating: Forget running and spinning . It’s time to lace up for one of the best full-body workouts of the summer: Inline Skating. You may think inline skating was a trend of the 90’s – but there’s a reason many of the ‘fittest’ people are still into the sport. If you want to burn fat, kill calories, tone muscles and improve your fitness level while having FUN – meet Inline Skating!

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blades 6

Studies show that an hour of inline skating can work your muscles just as effectively as running. Spring and summer are an excellent time of year to break out your blades or learn to do it in the first place – it’s NEVER too late.

Calories Burned per Hour: 770-850

OPEN AIR SWIMMING: Alongside inline skating, swimming is a premier full-body workout for he summer! It accomplishes basically everything, from cardio to strength training, to breath work (not to mention it’s another excuse to go shopping for a new swimsuit). And trust me, you don’t have to be a ‘swimmer’ to take the plunge.
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Work EVERY muscle, get the cardio workout of a lifetime, tone your muscles, add in the breathing element and soak in the Vitamin D and fresh air by swimming outside. So go Suit UP and get your Feet Wet!

Calories Burned per Hour : 450-550

SURFING/STAND-UP PADDLE BOARDING: OK, Surfing isn’t the biggest calorie burner to make my list (nor the easiest), but it’s definitely one of the coolest

Surfing is an exhilarating full body workout, which works your entire core, legs and arms. However, it requires a LOT of time and patience to learn (and be prepared to suck in a lot of water along the way).

paddle board

TRY stand-up paddle boarding! Just as cool, easier to learn and it can burn at least double the calories of surfing. It’s a tough workout requiring balance, as well as upper-body and core strength, and, unlike surfing, you’re not limited to the ocean, rather you can paddle board on lakes.

Calories Burned per Hour: Surfing: 150 | Stand-up paddle boarding: 250-300

HIKING: Summer is way too short to spend on a mundane treadmill. Why would you spend your time in a stale room walking on a machine when you have the great outdoors? Find a trail or even better: hills to climb, and lace up! Hiking literally burns at least double the calories of normal walking, plus the uneven terrain forces you to put all your muscles to work. Not to mention the fact that the fresh air and scenery does wonders for your mind. YES. You CAN actually enjoy your workouts and reap double the benefits with a hike!

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Calories Burned per Hour (moderate intensity): 400-450

KAYAKING: Kayaking is so much fun, that you often forget that you are exercising, I say this because, you are so engrossed in paddling, that you rarely realize that you’re toning your entire body!

Kayaking is not only fun, it’s also a full body workout (without the impact of most other fitness regimens), and a great complement to balance out your other activities (from running to plyometrics).

Calories Burned per Hour : 295-315

A Note on Calories Burned:

*Calories burned are based on an average 130 lb person – the higher the weight, the higher the amount of calories burned

*Calories burned do not include the elevated after burn, which occurs for the hours following your workout.

*This is based on moderate intensity, every person is different and the greater the effort, the more you burn both during and after.

 No Equipment you Say? Lacking equipment or space but still wanted to get motivated, get fit and get outside – here is a free library of my favorite workouts!

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