6 Minute Upper Body Workout

6 Minute Upper Body Workout

I LOVE this Arms Workout!

Welcome to the 6 Min Series !! Each workout is just 6 minutes long  –so there are NO excuses.
Goal: Blast unwanted pounds and tone, tighten and sculpt every inch of your body.

So join me and let’s knock this out in 6 minutes together HERE or check out the moves below and grab a stopwatch or Interval Timer and do it on your own. Regardless – it’s 6 minutes WELL SPENT!

What you Need:
Resistance Band or light set of dumbbells (optional)

The Workout

60 Seconds of each of the following Exercises

1. Lizards from plank (Anti-gravity optional)
2. Shoulder Press (90 degree bend, pulse arms up, halfway through go FASTER)
3. Upward Facing Plank + Lifts + Dip
4. Wide Arm Knee Push Ups
5. Side Plank Push Ups
6. Shoulder Ups

How/When to use
Use this upper body workout with any of my HIIT cardio videos, or add it onto the end of a lower body workout to make it a full body routine. If you want to make it a full upper body day- you can do this routine 2-3 times through to really burn out those upper body muscles.

For a complete guide of how to use/incorporate the workouts -join the FSS online community and gain access to all the fitness plans, calendars and guides to get you the results you want, in the most efficient way possible.

Set your sights on being #fitstrongandsexy. In order to reach new levels of fit, we have to: Raise the Standard on that it means to be FIT!

Now go get after it!!



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