6 Slim ’n’ Spooky Halloween Treats

How do you let the kid inside you indulge this Halloween without blowing your grown-up diet? There’s a few tricks you can use to make treats that are healthy and satisfy your cravings for sweet or salty seasonal fare.  Check out our chosen 6 Slim ‘n’ Spooky Halloween Treats for Halloween!

6. Pumpkin Dip

Don’t let the word “dip” scare you! This version from MyRecipes is packed with fiber, calcium, and vitamin A and has a smooth sweet flavor that is far more wholesome than the processed sweets in your average candy jar. Pair with thin slices of juicy apple and now you’re snacking and getting two servings of fruit and vegetables.

5. Candy Corn Popsicles 

 Candy corn is practically the official candy of Halloween, but noshing on it by the handful will put you in a sugar coma and probably give you a few cavities.  Enjoy all the festive hues of candy corn without the calorie overload by making this candy-corn inspired popsicles created by the Full Belly Sisters.  With layers of mango puree, coconut milk, and organic lemonade, these cool treats are refreshing and a good source of nutrients.


4. Monster Apple Mouths

Monster Mouths for Halloween

To get your peanut butter fix without giving in to those tempting Reese’s peanut butter cups this Halloween, I love these “monster apple mouths” from SheKnows.com Use your favorite type of apple (they’re in season, remember!), low-fat peanut butter, and unsalted nuts to maximize nutritional value and minimize fat and salt.


3. Low Fat Cheesy Witches’ Brooms


Planning a Halloween happy hour and need more savory options? We found this snack  on RainingHotCoupons.com and it’s frighteningly easy to put together, doubles as a tabletop decoration, and is far better for you than most other sodium-laden hors d’oeuvres. Remember to choose low-salt or unsalted pretzel sticks and thin-cut cheese slices lower in calories, such as swiss or part-skim mozzarella.




2. Jack o’ Lantern Sweet Potato Fries

The perfect way to make the most out of that pumpkin cookie cutter you bought at the craft store without setting yourself up for binging on baked goods come from SimplyRecipes. Substitute olive oil for butter to add some healthy fats and go heavy on the cinnamon, easy on the sugar.  With all the fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants you’ll be getting, you’ll smile right back at that jack-o-lantern.

1. Seven Grain Biscotti Ghosts

BiscottiGhostsHaunted by all those seasonal treats in the Starbucks case? Sweetened with agave nectar and seasoned with pumpkin pie spice, these biscotti (found ironically on Super Healthy Kids) are a terrific healthy swap that aren’t as cloyingly sweet as mass-market coffee shop varieties.  Best enjoyed alongside some hot chai or a latte for dunking.


 Enjoy your fit, strong, sexy and spooky Halloween treats!

Have your own ‘healthified’ or lighter versions of Halloween treats? I want to know – post in comments below!