Alright Ladies, I’ve Developed The Ultimate Comprehensive Plan Revealing All My Secrets To Get You Feeling And Looking Like A New Person In Just 7 Days!



The Body Reset is specifically designed to get your body into Super FAT BURNING Mode, lose weight, tone up and reset your metabolism. You system will completely detoxify, recharge, reset and your energy, body, and confidence will be at it’s BEST in only 7 days.

Note: This is not a long-term diet, but rather a 7-Day Reset, Slim Down and Energize Plan which includes:

  • BOTH a Daily Workout Plan AND a Meal Plan (*gluten-free, vegan options available)
  • PLUS comprehensive guides on nutrition and fitness for life, recipes, shopping lists and so much more!


  • 7 Day Guide Meal Plan (including specifics on portion size, recipes and alternative options for every meal)
  • 7 Day Daily Fitness Program
  • BONUS: Amanda’s Exclusive Fit Strong and Sexy Dining Out Guide (value: $39.00)
  • BONUS: Amanda’s Light’N’Lean Potion
  • FSS Meal 7-Day Recipes



The workouts do not involve a gym or fancy equipment, nor do they require lengthy mundane workouts.

The eating plan is easy to follow, regardless of your restrictions or preferences; there are many substitutions (from gluten free, to vegetarian, dairy-free and beyond).


Amanda Russell
“This program is what I use myself when I have a big event to prepare for, or have fallen into a rut and need a kick start! You can use the 7 Day Body Reset Plan to accelerate your Fit Strong and Sexy lifestyle program, as well as a stand alone product if you aren’t a Fit Strong and Sexy member [yet] ”

Helen Furness

The first photo was taken after my surgery and about 6 months before I started doing your workouts.The second photo was taken today after doing your FitStrongandSexy Program! The results speak for themselves. I started doing your workouts about 3 times a week, and I am now working out 5 times a week and doing a lot more of the routines with weights for strength. My weight is down, my body is strong and defined and I feel great!

Thank you for your continued support, encouragement and inspiration.


I was 174lbs at the start of last year. I lost a bit of weight slowly through the year but your plan helped me heaps and by November last year I was 143lbs.

Your workouts were amazing especially when I was on holiday as I got up early every morning with my timer and worked out as I wrote all your workouts down. I am looking forward to your new plan to help me with my weight loss after the baby is born and am still keeping up with most of the workouts though I don’t do many of the jumping exercises. I love that I can get them over and done with really quickly and then if I have more energy later I can do some more!

Charissa Attwood

This is me last summer. I found Amanda Russell through Pinterest of all things. It was a 4 week bridal plan site with her videos that really motivated me to get fit before my wedding. Over the past year I have lost 20 pounds. I always thought that you needed hours and hours a week to workout to be fit so I just never made time. The truth is, I do have time! Not hours…. But I can give up even 20-30 minutes and workout out with Amanda everyday and her program proves that! Everyday I am finding a balance between work life and personal life and feeling like a new person

Thanks for motivating me for the past year, Amanda!