7 Minute Jumping Interval Workout for Highest Calorie Burn

Sorry but traditional ab workouts alone are not going to get you a six-pack. Seriously. You could do a 45-minute ab workout every day for the rest of your life, and you still would never be able to reveal even one ab.

Wait –what about all the magazines you’ve seen claiming to have the new cutting edge, top secret, fat-blasting ab workout? That’s just solid marketing – come on, doesn’t calling a workout ‘sexy abs’ get you interested?

While ab-specific workouts are great for strengthening and toning the abs,, what you really need is to burn more calories than you consume in you are trying to burn the midsection fat which are hiding those sexy abs.

Obviously proper diet is a huge factor (which is why the Fit strong and Sexy membership comes with a nutrition plan and guide). But doing high burn interval training exercises, that not only maximize calorie burn per minute but also have an intense after burn factor (so you burn MORE all day long), is key!

Here is one of my favorite jumping workout I recommend trying out today to start burning more fat faster than ever, so you can finally reveal that six pack:

The Workout

1. 30sec jump or jump rope
30 seconds squats

2. 30 seconds jump side to side
30 seconds single leg lunges

3. 30seconds jump back/forth
30 seconds single leg lunges

4. 30 seconds single leg jumps
30 seconds superman push-ups

5. 30seconds other leg jumps
30 sec tricep dips

6. 30 seconds cross jumping
30 sec bicycle crunches

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