Killer 10 Min Ab Attack Routine

Ab attack

Belly Bulge, spare tire, muffin top…., I could go on, but I think you know what I’m talking about. There are very few people I know who are 100% satisfied with their ‘midsection’. It’s the biggest trouble zone (for men and women). BUT it is possible to achieve that flat, sculpted stomach! I’m talking to YOU!

Here’s the thing: Thirty minutes of crunches will not carve out your abs. This workout is designed to target your entire core, which is exactly what you need in order to build a killer six-pack.

It’s only 10 minutes, so every repetition counts. Our minds can hold us back from giving max effort, so make sure to get your brain mentally ready. You know you can push yourself hard for 10 minutes.

Don’t stop until it’s over.

Let’s do this!

10 Min Ab-Attack Routine GO!


60 Seconds Each exercise!

1. V-Up Heel Taps
2. Forearm Plank’N’punch
3. Seated Sprinter
4. Spider Crawl
5. Side Plank Double Dip $ T-twist
6. Side Plank Double Dip dip + T-Twist (other side)
7. V-Rocker
8. Elephant Twist
9. Plank Jumpers
10. Boat Pose Ab Taps

Abs on Fire?? which exercise did you find the hardest? Comment BELOW!! And keep coming back to it, great abs don’t just appear magically 🙂

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