I tried these to get more out of my workouts….

I did something I NEVER thought I would, I tried an Ab Trimming Belt.
Sound cheesy and gimmicky right? I know, that’s why I always judged and wouldn’t dare touch one,,,,,until i did….so it was time to share my personal experience and give the whole ‘ab belt review’.
I did a little 2 min video, so I could ‘talk to you’ about it’…. you can watch it HERE.

But I MUST know, what do you think having watched this video? It definitely expands your perspective right?

We automatically tend to form impressions based on our associations. I think it’s important to approach everything with an open mind, and also do your homework and research.

This was an eye opening experience for me!

Want more info, or to try them yourself – here is the link to each: