Exercise Ball Abs and Butt Routine

Today’s workout is using a body ball which you may remember from seeing in our back pain video! Not only can you work out with them, but they make excellent chairs too! In this video, I will be tackling 2 problem areas, the abs and butt, while using a body ball for each of the 8 moves outlined below. The harder moves will be first, but feel free to modify and go at your own pace! 

Our body balls come in 3 different sizes- ranging from 55 to 75cm.  This 7-minute workout starts with some ab exercises, then transitions to legs and then abs again. Feel free to repeat 2-3 more times to get a full ab and butt routine that will you have you feeling it the next day! 

Equipment + Overview

Body Balls

Workout Structure

Each position is done for 10 reps  

  1. Bear 
  2. Twisted Bear 
  3. Hamstring Curls 
  4. One-leg raises (right) 
  5. One-leg raises (left) 
  6. Plank hold 
  7. Plank roll out  
  8. Plank jacks 

Workout Details

Duration // 7 minutes for one circuit
Type // Muscle Toning/Core Strengthening

Breakdown //


Step 1: Get in plank position with chins and feet on top of body ball.  

Step 2: Either hold in plank position or for advanced version, bring knees to chest and extend back out.  

Twisted Bear 

Step 1: In same position as before, bring knees up towards each side, targeting the sides of your abs. 

Hamstring Curls

Step 1: With back on floor, place heels of feet on exercise ball and lift lower body up towards the sky.  

Step 2: Maintaining hips off the ground, extend legs out on ball and bring them back in. Repeat.  

One-leg raises (right) 

Step 1: Maintaining same form as before, remove one leg off ball, extending it towards the sky. Lift hips up, back down, and repeat.  

One-leg raises (left) 

Step 1: Switch legs and try same exercises on opposite leg.  

Plank hold 

Step 1In a wide stance, bend over at hip to juggle ball underneath legsKeep back flat and abs tight while switching ball between hands.  Reverse in opposite direction. 

Plank roll out  

Step 1: With back on floor, alternate ball between hands and feet above you, switching back and forth.  

Plank jacks 

Step 1 : In same position, holding arms in same spot, move feet open and closed rapidly performing plank jacks.  

Adding a body ball helps to give workouts like this some resistance and make it even more challenging & fun! Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button on my YouTube channel above for future videos and leave your comments on this workout below! I’d love to hear from you. 

Inspire Yourself,