Advanced Total Body + 6 Pack Abs Workout

Advanced Total Body + 6 Pack Abs Workout

What better way to commemorate a holiday – Hallmark or National – than to use a fitness tip than to get Star Spangled Sweaty? Don’t waste your time going to a gym or lifting indoors –this workout is all you need!

This weekend, not only will you NOT miss a great workout, this one hits it all, cardio and resistance training and gives you more burn in less time!

Ready? Let’s Go!


What you Need:
Resistance Band or Medium Dumbbell


The Workout

  • 2-3 Rounds
  • 30 Second Intervals with 15 second Active recovery
  • Jumping Jacks Ups
  • Resisted Triceps
  • Squat Jump with floor touch
  • Bear Push Up
  • Hi Knees


Abs (bonus)

  • Seated Left Leg Bend & Straight Raise
  • Plank w/ alternating leg lifts
  • Seated Right Leg Bend & Straight Raise
  • Hippies
  • Seated leg bends and raise
  • Scissors

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