Amanda’s Healthy Holiday Guide

Fit, Strong, and Sexy - Healthy Holiday Guide

“Tis the season…. the most Exciting, yet Frenetic and Stressful time of the year.

"Healthy" and "Holiday" seem like a paradox?

Let me guess, your exercise regimen tend to fall off the wagon (or sled) in an attempt to keep up with everything going on?

Meal planning and healthy eating becomes the exception versus the rule.  

And relaxing and enjoying the seasons festivities? HA, well that gets completely swept away in the holiday hustle.

If all this sounds familiar – you’re NOT alone, which is scary if you think about it… We all just run around in furies of “busyness” and stress and never actually enjoy the ride, while losing our waistlines, our energy and our health (mental and physical) in the process (UGH)!!!!


I’ve created this FREE Healthy Holiday Guide with EVERYTHING you need to get and stay healthy and fit and sexy this month!

WORKOUTS  (that you can do ANYWHERE (30 min or less)



 The Ultimate 7 Day “Red Dress Ready" Workout Plan is READY to go. It is the roadmap for the busy babe who doesn’t want to think about it. Just 7 days to reset your body, get you on track and lose those extra “LB’s" without sacrificing any of the fun or festivities of the season.

Fit, Strong, and Sexy - 7 Day Little Red Dress Ready Fitness Plan


I’m ALL OVER THIS unique gift idea with the special Fit Strong and Sexy membership. Give your girlfriend a fruitcake for the holidays and your friendship is suddenly on life support. Give that same friend a Fit Strong and Sexy membership or “Little Black Dress Plan: and you’re a goddess of unusual caliber.

To purchase a gift, simply click reply here and let me know who you are shopping for, and I can build a special gift for them based on your budget and the person!

How’s THAT for the perfect gift?

Here’s to Raising the Standard on what it means to be fit this season,



The CHRISTMAS Quickie Plan!

Fit, Strong, and Sexy - 7 Day Little Red Dress Ready Fitness Plan


See, Hear, Enjoy, REMEMBER this holiday season by raising the standard on your own life!

It’s the busiest people who seem to be the ones that find a way to be healthy, and get more out of every day! So next time you think you’re “too busy or stressed”, step back, take a breath, and re-prioritize.

Wishing you all the joys of this festive season,


Join in the Fit Strong and Sexy Holiday Fun and  Radiate in your Little RED DRESS!

I’d love for you to join me this Holiday season and spread the love, too!

P.S.  Need a unique holiday treat?   Try this week’s Healthy Holidays Recipe: Skinny Eggnog!!

~Raising the Standard on what it means to be FIT.