American Flag Low Calorie Pudding Pie

No Sugar, Low Calorie, Delicious and Swoon-Worthy Dessert made EASY!
Since I posted the picture of this mouth watering and highly ‘conversation-starting’ recipe on facebook, I’ve had an outpour of requests for the recipe. And since I want you all to be the hit of your gatherings with your conversation starting, too good to be true guiltless dessert, I’m sharing it.

Note this is a ‘lightened up dessert’ meaning less fat, sugar and calories. It is best if prepared and served same day.


• One Graham Cracker Crust
• Two Single Low Fat/Low Sugar Yogurt (I use one greek yogurt for thickness, and one vanilla or strawberry-banana flavored yogurt for added taste)
• 8 ounce carton of Fat Free Cool Whip or light
• 1 box Fat Free Sugar Free Instant Vanilla Pudding
• 1-2 cups skim milk
• 1-2 Bananas Sliced
• 1 packet blueberries


In a mixing bowl, combine the pudding with the skim milk and stir until combined. Gently fold in the yogurt and ha;f the tub of cool whip until combined.

When it is all combined, pour it into the pie crust. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Arrange Sliced banana, strawberries and blueberries to create an American Flag design as shown below:

july-4-food-3VOILA! But remember its best eat that day!

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– Amanda Russell
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