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Amanda Russell on Becoming a Self-Made Fitness Influencer

Amanda Russell on Becoming a Self-Made Fitness Influencer

What does it take to turn a passion into a side hustle, and a side hustle into a business? Fitness influencer Amanda Russell, the creator of Fit, Strong, and Sexy, shared her story with 24Life—including how she landed a high profile corporate job with zero corporate work experience, and built a digital fitness empire using YouTube, despite her family’s concerns about taking an unconventional path ...[Read More]

5 Min Power Yoga Routine

5 Min Power Yoga Routine

Rev up your metabolism and immediately garner incredible energy with this 5 min power yoga routine! I created this for when I want a metabolism-boosting energizing pick-me-up, and I don’t have patience to sit through a long drawn out yoga class! I’m all about getting more out of less time, and this delivers. Watch Now: I challenge you to the 7 Day Workout Body Reset PLAN! 7 Days to los ...[Read More]

Fit, Strong and Sexy - Lose Belly Fat

How Do You Really Lose That Belly Fat?

There’s the idea that performing ab exercises helps you lose belly fat. A common symbol of health is a muscular abdomen. Is there just one way to lose belly fat? An Overview Of The Core Muscles The muscles in your core region perform a variety of functions. They protect organs, provide support, and assist with movement. The four muscles include the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, external ...[Read More]

Fit, Strong and Sexy - The Real Butt, Hips, and Thighs Shaping Workout

4 Min Butt and Thigh Workout (Home Workout)

No excuses, it’s 4 minutes, everyone has 4 minutes! Do this 4-5 times a week and watch your butt literally lift, tone and tighten, not to mention sculpt those sexy legs! Pair this with my Intense 6 Min Ab Workout, and you literally nail it all in just 10 minutes! So there you have it… let’s get to it! The Workout Like my workouts? Want to get fit and follow my fitness program? Get your ...[Read More]

INTENSE Home 6 Min Ab Workout for a FLAT Stomach

INTENSE Home 6 Min Ab Workout for a FLAT Stomach

No fluff, just a serious killer intense ab workout for a flat stomach. If you really want it, you need to train like this! While they saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ is partially true, you don’t develop strength and tone in the kitchen. Add to that, a strong core is crucial not just for aesthetics, but rather for EVERYTHING you do physically. It keeps you strong and protects your back. If you ...[Read More]

Fit, Strong and Sexy - Lean Clean Green Box Review

New Year… NEW BOX!! A Review of the Lean Clean Green Box from Babbleboxx

This post is sponsored by With the New Year upon us, and intentions to make positive changes, set new goals and aim for a year of increased growth, success and happiness, it was the perfect time to partner with BabbleBoxx to try out some products. BabbleBoxx sent me a curated box of wellness goodies so I could be ready to conquer my 28 Day NEW YEAR Fitness challenge AND elevate my ...[Read More]

Fit, Strong and Sexy - The Body Transforming Home Workout

The Body Transforming Home Workout

It never fails to amaze me how so many of us will spend both money and time we don’t have on expensive clothing, designer accessories, aesthetic treatments, expensive brunches and dinners, yet claim not to have the time, money (insert ‘reason’ here), on the most important thing you can: your health and fitness! To be ‘real’ with you, we know it’s not about the designer ensemble you have on or how ...[Read More]

Shrimp & Veggies in Parchment Paper

Shrimp & Veggies in Parchment Paper

Easy Dinner Recipe: Shrimp in Parchment Paper This is one of my absolute favorite fresh and tasty recipes right now. Not only is it loaded with veggies and protein, really easy to make, and gluten-free, but it’s ready in under 30 minutes and has minimal cleanup. Ingredients: Parchment paper 5-6 cooked frozen shrimp Bok choy Bean sprouts (not soy) Shiitaki mushrooms Braggs Amino Acid (or othe ...[Read More]

Fit, Strong and Sexy - New Year Fitness Giveaway with Slimvance and GNC!!

New Year Fitness Giveaway With Slimvance and GNC!!

LOSE WEIGHT, TONE UP AND WIN THIS NEW YEAR! FIVE Lucky Winners Will Receive this Revolutionary NEW Slimming Supplement: SLIMVANCE What is it? Being Called the NEW ERA of Weight Management, Slimvance has been extensively studied and tested on healthy overweight invdividuals (male and female), and the results have been truly incredible. SLIMVANCE™ targets the hips and belly and can help with those p ...[Read More]

Fit, Strong and Sexy - The 8 Best Foods For Abs

The 8 Best Foods For Abs

Personal Note: This post was written by Layla of, another fitness and wellness blogger who is looking to grow her audience. I am a big advocate of supporting others in their goals, personal or professional, so in an doing so I will occasionally feature others as guest writers. I don’t believe in competition, we should all support others, and if we have the platform to do so, w ...[Read More]

Fit, Strong, and Sexy - Max Calorie Burn Holiday Workout

Max Calorie Burn Holiday Workout!

It’s little red dress + super indulge season (paradox to our bodies right)? Not when you have this kind of workout! It’s time to rock the stilettos and feel fit, strong and of course, sexy as you light up the room – plus I think you will have so much FUN doing this workout with me, and my darling guest, Kelsey Lee (in our ridiculous holiday outfits –we took ugly Christmas sweat to a new level). Th ...[Read More]

Fit, Strong, and Sexy - Healthy Holiday Guide

Amanda’s Healthy Holiday Guide

“Tis the season…. the most Exciting, yet Frenetic and Stressful time of the year. "Healthy" and "Holiday" seem like a paradox? Let me guess, your exercise regimen tend to fall off the wagon (or sled) in an attempt to keep up with everything going on? Meal planning and healthy eating becomes the exception versus the rule.   And relaxing and enjoying the seasons festivities ...[Read More]

Top 3 Fitness Concerns this Holiday

Top 3 Fitness Concerns this Holiday

I have an important conversation going on with one of my personal coaching groups, which I felt I needed to share because I know it’s something we all face in our own way. First, this conversation actually came about because several of the members asked to extend our program BECAUSE of how worried they were about the upcoming holidays, and more specifically how they could navigate through them whi ...[Read More]

I got STYLED! The YogaClub Box Review

I got STYLED! The YogaClub Box Review

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. Here’s what happened when I tried subscription fitness clothing box Yoga Club. *This video is Sponsored by YogaClub. All opinions are my own. I don’t stand behind anything I don’t truly love and recommend. ♥ One thing I WILL say, it doesn’t matter how cute your yoga and fitness clothing are, it’s the body and girl inside that make th ...[Read More]