Beautiful Arms in 10 Minutes!

In my opinion, Arms are one of the easiest body parts to tone up, it just takes the right road map and consistency. Well, I have the road map (with this awesome Beautiful Arms in 10 Minutes workout below), I need the consistency from YOU!


This workout is only 10 minutes long so you can easily find time to do this workout a couple times a week. For even more results, pair this routine with another one of my cardio workouts OR simply do it on it’s own and watch your arms transform, tone and tighten! If you sign up to be a member, you gain exclusive access to this workout (and all my other workouts) in real-time so you can follow along with me through every exercise and I can help motivate you to keep going! I add new workouts EVERY week, along with custom fitness and diet plans and so much more!

What you need:

  • Stopwatch or Interval Timer (I use Gymboss because you can set it to beep automatically so you don’t have to keep checking your watch – GET ONE HERE!



The Workout:
30 seconds each exercise:

  • Running Mountain Climbers
  • Push-ups with shoulder tap
  • Superhero Angels (like a reverse snow angel)
  • Push-up with open up
  • Pike Jump
  • Swimmers
  • Rockstar Pose Push-ups
  • One-leg Pike Jumps
  • Trice Dip Hip-ups
  • One-leg Pike Jumps (on other leg)

REPEAT circuit, no recovery — do a total of 2 SETS!  It’s 10-minutes, you can do anything for only 10-minutes!!


How did you do?! Ready to conquer the world, one push-up at a time?! Comment below and let me know how you feel 😉  Also, make sure if you post on TwitterFacebook or Instagram to hashtag #FitStrongandSexy so I can comment on your posts!

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