The ONE BEST Exercise (if you could only pick one- this is it)

Hey You,

Are you SUPER busy? That seems to be the most popular response to everyone’s life, especially when it comes to exercise!

I often hear the question: “What is the BEST exercise?”

The answer: While it DOES depend on your goal, I do have my favorite #1! If I’m picking just one exercise, I want it to be the highest burn for your time, I want it to NOT require equipment, work your ENTIRE body, and be efficient.

So this is it! I did this little video to show you here!

Side Note: I tried a new pre-workout energy drink before I did this video, so my energy is higher than normal 😉

~Raising the Standard on what it means to be FIT!


p.s. With the holidays HOT on the agenda, I’m planning to do a LIVE masterclass on staying healthy and avoiding the holiday wight gain while STILL enjoying all the parties, and fun.

If you’re interested please post a comment on my Facebook page here just stating what time of day and your time zone that works best. I will weigh the answers and select a few options.