2017 Total Holiday Workout & Nutrition Guide (+ skinny holiday recipes)!

HOORAY~~ Holiday Season has officially BEGUN! And I’m beyond crazy excited; this is definitely the most magical time of the year!!
But did you know that people tend to gain more weight between the time of Thanksgiving to Christmas than they do ALL year?? I’m all about enjoying every inch of holiday season, without the holiday weight gain – see below for all my holiday specials (past and present) – and stay tuned, I have some NEW holiday workouts and giveaways coming this Dec.

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 Amanda’s Christmas Favorite Holiday videos; from workouts, to recipes, tips & tricks!

 HOLIDAY Workout Videos   


Fit Tips and Recipes

In the chaos of this holiday season, remember the reason for the season and make an effort to pay it forward, in whatever way you can. This is the cause that is close to my heart, and a fellow FSS family – check out their story, I know they’d appreciate any support you can give!

Happy Holidays to YOU my friends,