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Ladies, with summer fast approaching it is time to shed those winter layers and get ready for swimsuit and shorts season! Every week this spring I’m posting an incredible NEW workout to get you high on the path to your BEST body!  Of course, to meet your goals, it’s not just about one workout, it’s the right combination of workouts on the right days AND a proper diet. If you are ready to take your commitment to the next level, sign up now for the Fit Strong and Sexy Fitness Plan, where I will guide you on what workouts to do each day, a nutrition guide, healthy recipes and all my workout videos in real-time with a new one coming out every week! (like 4 new Workout DVD’s every month). It is my mission to help get you into the best shape of your life once and for all, and the time to start is NOW.

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Here is a breakdown of my brand new Bikini Body Bootcamp workout.  This workout features great cardio (to burn max calories and shed pounds) along with amazing core and butt exercises to help you get defined abs and toned back side!  In this video I’ll breakdown the exercises, to do this workout with me in real-time click HERE!

What you need:

  • I recommend you have a timer or stopwatch to time you — you should try to complete this workout as fast as possible for optimal results, the next time you do this workout try to complete it faster than you did before! (I recommend ordering a Gymboss Interval Timer.)



The Workout:
Complete 4 rounds of:

10 Burpees
15 Barrier Hops
20 Jumping Mountain Climbers
30 Squats w/ a kick
40 Oblique Mountain Climbers

How long did it take you? Did you get through all 4 rounds? I know, this workout is INTENSE, but I promise you the results are so worth it!

Have a fabulous day – keep raising the standard on what it means to be FIT!

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