The Body Transforming Home Workout

Fit, Strong and Sexy - The Body Transforming Home Workout

It never fails to amaze me how so many of us will spend both money and time we don’t have on expensive clothing, designer accessories, aesthetic treatments, expensive brunches and dinners, yet claim not to have the time, money (insert ‘reason’ here), on the most important thing you can: your health and fitness!

To be ‘real’ with you, we know it’s not about the designer ensemble you have on or how much you spent on it, the secret is the body IN it and how you glow with a confident and happy attitude and glowing energy.

So this week, make THIS the priority. The fleeting happiness or rush you get from a big purchase will be outlived by the long term happiness, confidence and health you achieve through being truly fit!

Fit, Strong and Sexy - The Body Transforming Home Workout

Here is a workout you will love, all you need is:

  • Optional Light Set of Hand Weights (I use 5lbs or a water bottle in each hand)
  • Towel to wipe up the sweat!

Boom- Click here and let’s do it!

The Workout:

*10 reps of each exercise

  • The 3-Way Lunge
  • One Leg Toe Touch to Front Kick
  • Barrier Jump
  • Bridge Ups
  • Weighted Squat Jumps


Complete 2-3 Rounds and pair it with the workout specified on your given day or add 12-20 min of cardio of your choice.

Comment below and tell me how you did!

~Raising the Standard on what it means to be Fit!