Body Transforming Plank Routine

Body Transforming Plank Routine

Gone are the days of endless crunches or forcing ourselves into positions we have to hold forever, especially right before a workout. This efficient little routine is like my secret weapon. Four exercises that have you working in three different directions, so you automatically get more muscle activation and fat burning potential than simply holding a static plank.

Add a resistance band and engage your upper body, making it a total body routine.

BONUS: Incorporating this routine will improve your posture and teach your body to move more naturally.

What you Need:

Resistance bands (I recommend this 5-band multi-pack which has different levels)

Note: If you are a beginner, you may start without the resistance bands and progress your way up to it.

Body Transforming Plank Routine 3

What to Do:

Level 1:
2 Sets of 12 reps each (no resistance bands)

Level 2:
2 Sets of 12 with Resistance Bands

Level 3
1 Set of 20 (no resistance)

Level 4
1 set of 20 with Resistance Bands
The Workout

1. Side Plank Hippies
2. Hindu planks
3. Hip Side2Side
4. Side Plank



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