The Brain and Body Workout

The Brain and Body Workout

The road to a fit mind doesn’t mean crossword puzzles alone. In fact, research shows that exercise is as close to a magic prescription to a fit brain as it gets! In fact, not being active actually slows down your memory, and your ability to juggle tasks and manage stress.

So I decided to create this ultimate Brain and Body Workout to sharpen your cognitive skills while also delivering the calorie-torching, body-toning benefits of ordinary workouts.

Simply want the workout- I got ya: right here with this: 13 Minute Brain and Body Workout

What you Need: Your Body, your BEST attitude and lots of Water to keep hydrated!

What to do: 2 rounds of 1 min of the following exercises

  • Side step over into squat under left
  • Side step, over into squat under right
  • Crab pose – lift opposite leg and arm both sides then stand up and jump
  • Spider: touch knee outside, inside, opposite side
  • Single leg squat, in squat position jump switch feet, stand up
  • Push up to arm circle

Now take it to the next level and add a twist: a brain training technique!

SUPER SIMPLE: Try some of the exercises or reps with eyes closed.

Why it’s a brain booster: When you take away visual cues, you push your brain to use circuits that aren’t normally engaged. Your brain then relies on a combination of sensory information from your limbs, joints, and eyes to coordinate movements. By closing your eyes, you force your brain to adapt. This improves your mind’s ability to change and refine when faced with new experiences, a process that tends to wane with age.

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