Brain Training: Powerfully Decide What You Want To Think & Believe!


Did you know the decisions you make every day around fitness and diet are based on your belief system? And more importantly, you are probably unaware of what most of those beliefs even are!

To achieve your dream body and be the best version of YOU, it’s important to have the RIGHT BELIEFS to support your goals. Think of these beliefs as your own personal laws. They are the rules you follow and the actions you take. Your beliefs give you exactly the life you are living!

What is one belief you would like to banish from your mind in 2016?  Leave your answer in the comment section below.  I’d love to hear from you!

What you also may not notice is that the level of achievement you have with your body and fitness goals (or lack thereof) is also based on the laws you unconsciously create for yourself.  You live by your own exercise and diet laws. Those laws are making all your decisions and choices and are shaping your relationship with your body, food and exercise.

We tend to think that what we have in our life is because of circumstances, but there is something we are not seeing!  Imagine it’s the other way around – the circumstances you have are a direct result of the laws you live by and believe in. If you establish this philosophy as your own, you can and will easily change your laws to support you in getting a body you love!

A big piece of training your brain involves getting beyond your own perceived limitations and creating new beliefs! Here’s an exercise to try right now to get you started:

Think of one personal law you see you have been living by that is not serving you well in getting your dream body. Here are a couple of examples:

  • I don’t have enough time to work out.
  • I don’t like exercising.
  • I can’t have fun without overindulging with food.
  • I can’t stick to healthy food choices on the weekend.

Those are just a few common “bad” beliefs that will sabotage a fitness or diet plan! And each of these self-created rules is subjective. They are only true if you BELIEVE they are true. Since human beings like to be right, even if the belief doesn’t “work” for us, we generally look to prove it correct anyway!

What is one of your “bad” beliefs around exercise or food (think of it as a rule you see you follow that sabotages your body goals)? Leave a comment below!

OK now that you’ve identified it – it’s time to rewrite it!   Think of what you would LIKE to believe!

Here are examples of rewritten beliefs from the four above:

  • If I make a plan and stick to it, I can certainly fit exercise into my schedule.
  • There are so many different options for exercising. If I look and try new things, I will certainly find something that I enjoy.
  • I can be social and enjoy myself and still eat healthy. In fact I will have more fun and feel better if I do.
  • I am in charge of what I eat no matter what day it is. I can be moderate in my choices on the weekend and I’ll feel so much better on Monday morning.

Any of them sound familiar?

Now that you’ve rewritten your first belief, I want you to start collecting evidence to prove it true!  If you can think of anything in the past to support this new belief, write it down too. For example, if your new belief is that you DO have time to exercise, make a list of any time you were busy and did fit in exercise anyway. You can also look at those around you who fit in exercise and are busy as more proof it’s possible!

Spend the next week finding as much support for your new belief as you can! This is the first step in consciously creating what and how you think!

We all need help with something whether that’s fitness related or involved performance or personal issues and health problems.

Amanda and I have been working with powerful brain training tools for a combined 25+ years and we want show you how these tools can support and enhance your fitness practice and overall life for faster and more powerful results.

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