Get a Sexy Brazilian Body with this Brett Hoebel Workout

I have to say, I’ve done thousands of workouts, and this Brett Hoebel workout may have been one of the most FUN! It was so great to get a chance to workout with my friend Brett (who you may recognize from Season 11 of NBC’s The Biggest Loser) and super exciting to learn all these new sexy Brazilian Capoeira style moves.  Seriously, this workout is AWESOME!

brett hoebel fun

Not only is this a great workout, it’s also going to be super entertaining for you to watch because I definitely cannot make the moves look as smooth and sexy as Brett BUT I definitely had fun trying and I hope you do too!

(Warning: you may find yourself laughing hysterically at either MY lack of coordination and attempt to be a super sexy Brazilian or YOUR OWN if you’re as uncoordinated as me.  Regardless, watching me should make you feel better about yourself in case you have any insecuritues and watching Brett should be dessert! 😉

CLICK HERE if you want to do this workout with me and Brett, in real-time!



The workout:

*30 seconds high intensity / 30 seconds rest:

  1. Skipping Knee Strikes
  2. Capoeira Forward Lunges
  3. Capoeira Burpees
  4. Brazil Booty Kicks
  5. Capoeira Sit-ups

REPEAT X2 (for 10-minute total workout)


What did you think?  Doesn’t it look like so much fun!  Join me and Brett for the full length, real time workout and do this 10-minute workout WITH US! I love those sit-ups, so fun! And don’t those skipping knee strikes make you feel like a kid again!

Comment below and let me know what you think?!

If you want to “get the look” — the ‘Let Your Body Talk’ top is from Body Language Sportswear and the Capri pants are Solow Style!

If you want more workouts from Brett Hoebel, check out his 20-Minute Body Program!


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