Celebrate all the Little Things

I want to give a BIG thanks as first off for reaching over 11,000 Facebook Followers. I have to admit how ecstatic I was as this, now if only we could translate some of our huge Youtube community to find me on FB and Twitter, they would ALL have the chance to WIN tons of FREE stuff. How is it we have well over 52,000 Youtube Subscribers and only 1/5th of that number of Facebook?

Along with this Facebook Milestone, it’s also my own birthday milestone this week, yes I’m a total LEO. I have to admit I’m not one to read horoscopes or astrology, but it is a little crazy at what a fitting description my sign is to my personality (for better and worse). I’d love to know your signs, curious if there tends to be a dominant sign in our community. Tweet me at @arfit and HASHTAG #fitstrongandsexy so I can find you and comment back!

Back to ‘celebrating the little things’ – I bring this up because of my mother. I have an incredible Italian mother who is sincerely one of the genuinely most happy and grounded people I know. Her secret? It has nothing to do with money, or extravagance or status, rather it’s all about really taking the time and effort to enjoy all the little things and celebrate life’s moments, because if you don’t, ‘life would be so monotonous’. So rather than approaching birthdays by ‘not caring’, or letting a Facebook milestone’ pass by, I’m all about CELEBRATING them!

So, For my birthday I do have to admit, I was spoiled. I spent the last week in Los Angeles working on the soft launch of this new site: FitStrongandSexy.com (more on this later, but we are still working on the design and kinks, so bear with me as the bells and whistles will roll out more week after week), and I closed a DVD deal (so you will soon be able to buy your own 3 part DVD series to take with you anywhere) – YAY, double champagne toast!

But even further, my husband really knows how to celebrate and I owe him a massive thank you for  making me feel extra special, it was a perfect weekend! We shopped and spa’d in Beverly Hills, hiked in Malibu and dined in Hollywood – it was amazing! I am now back in Aspen for a few days and head back to NYC this weekend (the airport and I are BFF’s). And while my travel is mainly for work, I’m able to celebrate with different friends in different places all over. See below for the picture of my with my new friend and Chef of the very Famous Beverly Hills Restaurant Villa Blanca (made so famous by the HW of Beverly Hills), Chef Francis Demetrius, he is such a gem and totally spoiled us, so a BIG thank you to him and the staff at Villa Blanca.

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But with all this ‘celebrating’ I figured it was time to celebrate YOU, without you I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing and nothing makes me happier than the excitement of giving something. I just love the idea of a ‘free perk’, big or small, there is a definite RUSH!

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BIG shout out to all the #FSS New Members, we ARE raising the STANDARD on what it means to be FIT!