Do I need Cardio to Lose Weight? Burn Fat?


I get this question ALL the time, so I created this short video to give you my answer~

First off: It is important to define WHAT CARDIO IS!

Different people have different ideas of what cardio means, especially when it comes to working out.
So let me first start by explaining there are two types of cardio:

One is the long, slow sustained cardio, basically anything you can do for a sustained period of time. Often this is what you see the same people doing in the gym on the cardio machine, reading, drinking their much needed ‘energy drink’. Think walking, jogging, biking at a low intensity.

By this definition, I would say you really don’t need much of this, and doing things you enjoy like zumba, walking or hiking is great. Essentially It’s movement and the more movement the better, but if you are doing it for the purpose of weight loss, there are WAY better and more efficient ways.

It’s the second kind of cardio that is what you should think about: called HIIT
Which stands for: High intensity interval training.

This is simply training at very intense levels, think ‘breathless’, like a sprint, for a short period of time, having a short rest/active recovery and repeating.

The level of effort on the intervals should be so great that you should not be physically able to sustain the effort level for long periods. Hence, interval periods usually range from about 30-90 seconds and you can get a complete workout in 20 minutes or less.

More than that and you couldn’t handle the intensity.

Bottom Line: If getting lean, toned and losing fat is your objective, forget the long slow cardio and push your comfort zone.

If you are an endurance athlete, your level of training is different, OR if you enjoy these long activities for fun, absolutely go for it – but at least know the bottom line so you aren’t frustrated by putting in lots of time without the intended results!

FAVORITE No Comfort Zone Workout??

Here is one of my favorite workout challenges – this is an incredible workout – and in less than 20 minutes you will have conquered one BIG burn workout, and continue to burn after the workout is over.

So get ready, this is the 100 Burpee Challenge

Need some motivation- on how to rock this workout, or ANY workout: Check out my post on ‘Getting OUT of your Comfort Zone HERE!’

What you need:

  • JUST your Body (and WATER to hydrate)

What to do:

  • Check out the video! Essentially it’s 10 rounds of 10 Burpees!

Do it with me!! Get Ready, we are going to NAIL this!! I promise, you will second guess your ‘long treadmill session after this workout)!

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