The Perfect 10 Fat Loss Workout! + Coupon Code

The PERFECT FAT-LOSS Routine!! This is the workout I created for you to do while I head off to Ironman Everest; thrilled, nervous and excited (a few of the feelings going through my mind), but I’m surrounded by what I can objectively say are some of the most inspiring people on this planet (pictures and daily updates Instagram & Facebook )!

While we all have obstacles to overcome, hurdles to jump and time constraints to maneuver — we also have GOALS we want to achieve, Conquer & CRUSH!

This mountain, this opportunity stands for those
GOALS in our life.

So today, I’m giving YOU a workout to serve as an opportunity to bring you one step closer to your own goals (and burn some of your own fat, stress, and calories)!

Seriously, wherever you are located, and whatever is going on in your life, I hope you join me on this incredible journey over the next couple days and cheer us on (You can follow directly instagram or facebook, I’m posting daily)!

Even better: Set out to achieve your own personal goal alongside us.

Here it is: The Perfect 10 Fat-Loss Workout!

Directions: 10 Exercises, 10 reps each = 100 reps per set!

The Exercises

  • Spider Mans – 10 each side
  • Tuck Jumps – 10
  • Plank Bicycles -10
  • Push-Up-to-Superman- 10
  • Side Plank T’s -10
  • One Leg Lunge Pulses – left (stand on one leg and reverse lunge toe touch) -10
  • One Leg Lunge Pulses – right – 10
  • V-Ups FAST – 10
  • Plank to Push Up
  • Squat Jump

Get ready, this is a GREAT one! 10 Dynamic Exercises – no equipment needed.

Let’s do it! Game On! #29029

~Raising the Standard on what it means to be FIT!

With excitement, confidence in YOU, & inspiration,

p.s. some of you have asked about what Ironman Everest is, here is the press story: How to Climb a Mountain.