Fit Strong and Sexy Girls Workout and the Girls


Life takes us to unexpected places sometimes. The future is never set in

stone. You cannot be afraid to give up the good, to achieve the great.

FSS Girls

Last week FSS grew in a whole new way. I’m beyond thrilled and proud and EXCITED all at once. The demand for LIVE classes has been incredible and so a new opportunity had presented itself. Do I expand FSS into more than a virtual community and expand into live studios with daily classes, a community and so much more?

I have to admit my quiet dream has been to actually take FSS and make it a real live destination, more than simply a (ridiculously effective) workout, but a place to come, elevate your life in every way, from meeting new friends, grabbing coffee, shopping the latest fitness fashion collections, attending workshops, soirees and beyond. The thing was, I just wasn’t planning to do it this soon.

Since I am a planner, and very methodical, I really struggled with this decision, as it would involve me changing my focus and redirecting my energy to a whole new type of business.

I wanted it, and yet I was scared I wasn’t ready.

I’m sure you can relate to that? Whether it’s meeting the man of your dreams too soon after your last break up, or jumping into a job you don’t know if you’re completely qualified for.

After a LOT of thinking, I decided to jump in and try it, experience has taught me that when a tough decision presents itself, you should follow the path that will most enhance your life and leave you with least regrets.

My conflict: FSS is so much more than exercise; it’s a lifestyle, a mindset, a community. The challenge when expanding, especially LIVE, is how do you keep the brand integrity?

I have searched and searched for the right place, it has to be somewhere special, a real destination’, in a magical sexy place. If all goes well, we will expand across to other towns and cities, but this past month we launched the first EVER LIVE FSS program in the stunning Aspen, CO, AND we personally recruited some incredible FSS women to go through the first ever FSS certification.

Not that Aspen isn’t already a ‘must-visit trip of a lifetime’, now you have another reason to go! I hope this experience will change your life and I guarantee you will be welcomed and greeted by a whole new group of women.

Now you have friends to visit in Aspen and workouts to do!

You can get a preview of three of the new FSS Pro’s in this week’s workout video!

So no need to count on a workout buddy or friend, WE will be your friends. This workout was so much fun to do, and a crazy good workout circuit – come on, let’s GO!

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This is just the beginning- if you are living in a place that would benefit from LIVE FSS Boutique, let us know!