Launching Fit Strong and Sexy Q&A

I am so excited to announce the launch of #FSSQ, which stands for Fit Strong and Sexy Q&A!   I receive tons of amazing questions, and often many of us have similar questions, so I thought providing an open way to ASK any time, get answers and also browse all the other questions and answers would be fab! What do you think?

So what is #FSSQ?

Either watch this 1 min video where I explain (excuse the messy hair), or read below:

Basically, you can ask me ANY questions, whether it’s on fitness, food or just life and I will personally answer as many questions as I can every Monday!  All you have to do is make sure to hashtag #FSSQ on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with your questions and I will respond using the same hashtag.

You can also always look up any previous questions asked and see anything I’ve already answered just by searching #FSSQ!

This is also a great opportunity to bring the #FSS community together so feel free to have an open dialogue with each other within the hashtag #FSSQ!

Let the asking begin! #FSSQ