Fit Strong and Sexy Class Schedule

FSS Weekly Class Schedule

Important Announcement: This Week all Classes in Aspen are cancelled (October 6-10)

Classes will resume in FULL FSS form with the following schedule on Monday Oct 13th

It’s not about working out longer, it’s about working out smarter ….

This is the NEXT Generation of Fitness!

Day/City Location Time Class Format Instructor
Monday Shala Studio 7:30-8am FSS: 30/30 Tabata
Aspen, CO + BONUS 6 min Hips, Butt and Thighs Lori
Tuesday Shala Studio 1:15-1:45pm FSS Total Body Pyramid
Aspen, CO + Bonus 6 Min Core Toning Lori
Wednesday Shala Studio 9:50-10:20 am FSS: 30/30 Tabata
Aspen, CO + Bonus 6 min Back & Abs Lori
Houston, TX FIT Athleticd Club 6:30-7pm FSS 30/30 HIIT Zuzka
Thursday FSS Total Body Pyramid
Aspen Shala Studio Class Cancelled
Bonus: Deep Tissue Toning Jenn
Friday 5:15-5:45pm FSS: 30/30 Tabata
Aspen Shala Studio Bonus: Deep Tissue Toning Lori

Class Formats:

FSS: 30/30 Tabata Intervals: An intense and dynamic high intensity interval training experience: 30 seconds of all out spurts of effortconsisting of cardio, strength training, plyometrics and isometric holds designed to enhance athletic performance, rev up metabolism, burn fat, increase V02 max and blast fed. This format is physiologically proven to transform your body!

FSS: Total Body Pyramid: Exceed your goals and get into the best shape of your life. Scientifically formatted, this high intensity interval workout works all three energy systems and is designed to decrease body fat, improve performance and break through any fitness plateaus to take you to a new level.

**All FSS class formats are challenging but modifiable for all levels**

Classes are 30 minutes long. They are strategically designed to get you in better shape, greater results in LESS Time. Surpassing the effects of most 60+ minute workouts, FSS will take your mind and body to a new level.

To Sign Up or for more info email: [email protected]