Fit Strong and Sexy ‘Stars of Summer’ Presents Judy Goss!


Who is Judy?

Correspondent, Lifestyle Expert, Author, Spokesperson and Women’s Advocate Judy Goss is currently the host of What Women Want on LA Talk Radio with over 30,000 listeners/month. As a More Magazine Editor/Better TV Correspondent, Judy was chosen to interview celebrities such as former first lady Laura Bush in a private sit-down and also hosted her own show on Better TV.

Judy also had the pleasure of interviewing other notable women such as Barbara Corcoran, Nora Ephron, Jean Chatzky and even stars like D.M.C. from the famed rap group Run-DMC, and many more. Judy regularly appears on networks such as NBC, ABC and FOX news shows.

As the author of Break Into Modeling for Under $20 published by St. Martin’s Press, Judy achieved national press and acclaim for her book being touted as the ‘to-go-to’ guide for anyone wanting to venture into the modeling industry.

Judy also founded the nationally acclaimed organization Over 40 Females®, a live and online networking community to Connect, Encourage and Inspire women over the age of 40 all over the world. In the press constantly because of Judy’s background, Over 40 Females®, has become a force to be reckoned with in the women’s networking industry.

Judy is also a motivational speaker who has presented in front of audiences of thousands about triumphing through adversity, women’s issues and more. After a successful career in her 20s as an international high fashion model for Ford Models in New York City (where she traveled extensively around the world appearing in worldwide campaigns such as Armani, L’oreal and Nivea), Judy left modeling to work for an advertising agency. She created the position of casting director/producer at a prestigious advertising agency in New York City, Hershey Communications (clients included Bloomingdale’s, Dillard’s and Espirit), which then led to her to become a highly regarded model agent at two of the world’s leading modeling agencies; New York Models and Ford NY.


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Q&A with Judy

1. What does your morning routine look like? (ex. How do you spend the first

hour out of bed, typically?) I open my eyes, think about what day it is, then

close them again and say several thank you’s to God for giving me yet

another day to celebrate and also for my family, my business, my everything.

2. Morning Bird, or Night owl? The world “morning” makes me cringe! The only

great part about it is waking up alive, which is pretty great but I do not

function well in the morning.

3. What’s your go-to healthy breakfast? An acidophilus pill first then yogurt and

granola with fruit or egg whites with bacon and green pepper. I know, bacon

isn’t healthy but I convince myself it’s protein.

4. One is one thing you are insecure about? And if you’ve overcome it, how?

Having table conversation, I am so much better on camera or on the radio!

The way I have made it better is to read the paper before I go out so I have

some subject in my back pocket that I can bring up if I can’t think of anything

to say.

5. Proudest Achievement?  My twins! Of course.

They are 11 now and succeeding in almost everything they do!

6. What does a typical day of eating look like for you? The above breakfast, then

hopefully a salad with fish for lunch or a tuna wrap, then at dinner it varies

from fish to pasta to veal.

7. Can you give us one idea for adding 5 minutes of exercise into your normal

day? (ex. 30 seconds of jump rope + 30 seconds crunches x 5) Get up from

the desk and do squats to get the blood pumping again! Stand with your feet

shoulder width apart and start squatting halfway down, hold for 3 seconds

then come up. It will wake you up and work those glutes!

8. What is your ‘go-to’ workout when short on time? 5 minutes of butt tucks,

holding a plank as long as I can, stomach crunches until it burns and


9. Who inspires you, and why? I try and let people’s stories inspire me, I feel

like so many people inspire me in so many different ways! It’s hard to pick

one…but if I had to I would say my husband. He has such a patient, kind way

of looking at the world and solving problems that it makes my impatient self

think “I would love to be more like that!” And I strive to every day.

10. What’s your biggest piece of advice for someone who’s trying to jump into a

healthy lifestyle? Take it one step at a time – you can’t just switch suddenly,

you have to ease into it and then reward yourself for each step. Soon those

steps will turn into leaps and then another type of lifestyle – just take the

first one for now.

11. What Fit Strong and Sexy means to you: Confidence! Courage to take on

anything that I dream about or want to do. To be successful in life you need

to be strong to take on the naysayers, fit to keep your stamina for the days

that are longer than expected and sexy to do it all with confidence and an

inner strength that will let people know that you mean what you say and say

what you mean.