Presenting: Fit Strong and Sexy Certification

Now you can get to your fittest, sexiest self, inspire others and grow your business!

For the first time ever, Amanda Russell is offering an incredibly results-driven, integrative, dynamic and transformative Fit, Strong and Sexy teacher training all set in the exquisite and stunning Aspen, Colorado.

Join the movement to the next generation of fitness, become a

 Fit Strong and Sexy Leader

Think you’ve got what it takes to teach one of the most advanced workouts of our generation? Fit, Strong and Sexy (FSS), was strategically designed to show people how to get serious results out of the time and energy they invest in their workouts.

It may be all the rage of a global online following, from celebrities and athletes, to professionals and college students, but it’s no cute frilly bootcamp.

Watch out Aspen, FSS is coming to arguably the ‘fittest’ town in America to launch live classes and offer Fit Strong and Sexy School!

Getting FSS Certified is more than a job or qualification it’s an experience and a movement.

A Good Workout is defined by Results not Attributes.

A coach shows people the steps. An FSS Coach leads people out of their comfort zones, raising their performance to a higher standard, and helps build the character and body beyond its normal limitations.

With FSS training, you will learn how to rally men and women to break out of their comfort zones, raise the standards they set for themselves, and inspire a newfound level of confidence, (which is oh so sexy).

If you are interested in this powerful journey where you will be given the tools and space to become a confident, and inspiring FSS teacher as well as a radiant leader and influencer in your community, with a commitment to living a Fit Strong and Sexy Life .

For more information and to apply, please email:

[email protected]

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For LIVE Auditions: Sun Sept 7th at 6:30pm and Mon Sept 8th at 7:30pm


Dates: Tuesday, Sept 9th AND Wednesday Sept 10th, 2014

When: 1-5PM both days

WHERE At The Shala Studio in Downtown Aspen

ADDRESS: 422 East Cooper Avenue

 Be a face of the next generation of Fitness,  join the movement to elevate the standard on what it means to be FIT!

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