“I thought you were in health and fitness, shouldn’t you practice what you preach?”

 “I thought you were in health and fitness, shouldn’t you practice what you preach?”

I have a story to share.


I hate kale, I don’t ‘juice’, nor do I like to use ‘juicing’ as a verb. I love anything that involves sugar, starchy carbs and salt – if I could live on ice cream, white bread’n’butter and potato chips alone, I’d be a happy girl – and yes I even drink (gasp) alcohol….and, on occasion, too much.

A somewhat judgmental, rigid, and moderately fit acquaintance recently saw me out with a few girlfriends one Friday evening while I was indulging in copious amounts of oysters, french fries and champagne. She kindly brought it to my attention that I am in the fitness industry, shouldn’t I be practicing what I preach? Didn’t I know I was publicly poisoning myself with alcohol? If I were truly in tune with fitness and health I would be disgusted by deep fried, non-GMO, non-organic starchy white potatoes, which apparently is the equivalent of heroine.

Her educational lecture on my ‘imposturing fitness’’ concluded with a recommendation that I should really get in tune with what health and fitness really is. Perhaps I try one of her intensive mind/body detox cleanses in Bali, where there are no toxins, distractions or temptations to ‘sin’, as the goddess herself phrased it.

My career started as a competitive athlete, a professional 10,000meter track runner. I know my body like a science; I know exactly what puts me at the top of my game. When it comes to performance, there isn’t a more grueling race when it comes to sheer lung capacity, physical fitness and stamina –for those who aren’t familiar, it is essentially a ‘sprint’ for 25 laps around a 400 meter track.

After a drastic injury, I lost my entire level of fitness, and had to learn to get back to fitness in a new way, without being able to run, heck, I literally had to learn to walk again. So I’ve seen both sides, and know what it’s like to be at the top, and also at the complete bottom with every obstacle ahead of you. It became my mission to find out what truly works, what could achieve peak fitness, physically and mentally. In doing so, I tried everything, read everything I could, got my personal training and nutrition certifications and first hand experimented to find out for myself what is optimal to live the best healthiest fittest life.

And you know what I learned above all? There is no ‘right program’, or ‘set of rules’ there is only a right way for you.

We should all aim to really LIVE and THRIVE, not just exist. Diet and fitness needs to be a part of your life that allows you to live better! What’s the point of life if you have to live in bubble that deprives you of the real world and all it has to offer? That is not truly living! No offense, I love Bali, for a getaway, but I don’t want to exist in a bubble.

Now skeptics, make no mistake, I am not knocking anyone who prefers a specific type of diet, and rigid fitness plan that has hard rules, if that is truly what makes you feel your best and gain the greatest happiness, than by all means- I applaud you, you figured out what works for you!

I am simply saying that what works for one person is going to be different from the person next to you, and we cannot judge or try to box it all into ‘right vs wrong….bad vs good….healthy vs toxic. You have to do what makes our body and energy feel best!

I am often asked about achieving balance in health and fitness. Well, I believe ‘balance’ actually means tipping the scale sometimes, walking on the edge, letting loose, and then knowing when to put your head down and grind it out.

This is WHY I work out hard and create such high intensity, yet low maintenance (aka little-to-no equipment) workout programs, so I can enjoy all of the pleasures of life.

I feel like I have turned my cheek so many times on self-proclaimed ‘masters of fitness, nutrition, meditation’ as they distill their doctrines of what is the ‘right way’ and what ‘really works’.

My philosophy is to try everything, learn YOU, what makes you FEEL good, feel happy, feel energized and confident. I am here to help you and support that journey.

I love the quote “You do YOU”.

So am I a hypocrite of health and fitness? An imposter?

It took me a long time to speak up and own this, and you know what, I am comfortable and confident that I truly am my fittest, healthiest version of me, I wouldn’t change a thing. So if that makes me an imposter or hypocrite to health and fitness, then I’ll take it, (and I’ll smugly admit that I’m F** happy and proud of it).

My Mission for you:

Spend the time to really get inside your head and body and figure out what truly works. To o it right, like anything, it’s not as simple as buying a product or flipping a switch – it takes dedicated time and commitment, but if you make that commitment, you will be FOREVER CHANGED.

Now I must tell you, that this prolific journey didn’t come without help, I actually had many people in my life, but what surprisingly resonated most was something I was most cynical about: a life coach! The mere term made me roll my eyes. However, SO many people I admired were all mentioning the SAME person, literally RAVING about Christine Young, so I had to at least see what it was all about.

I. Have. No. Words.

Christine not only helped me empower my life in a way I didn’t know was possible, she became a life long friend.She reminded me that there is nothing more rewarding than working one-on-one and touching people directly, and it’s something I’ve lost as I’ve grown my career.

Which is why I decided to create the special experience with Christine for a handful of women.

note: I’m truly sorry that we have to keep spaces limited but it’s the only way Christine and I can spend the individual time to work with and get to know each of your goals and journeys.

We only have 6 spaces left for this 28 Day Fitness, Nutrition and MIND training.

Your body will change, but so will the rest of your life.

It is not a program you have to wrap your life around, it’s an education and guide on how to first find what really works for YOU and maintain that throughout your life.

No more searching for what works, or feeling ‘guilty’ about indulging or taking time off.


Every day. Every meal. Every workout. Every rest day. Every time you step on the scale dammit!

Whether you do this or not, I seriously hope you can take a breath, slow down, and set an intention for yourself, to appreciate your body for what it does and nourish your soul with positive thoughts, GET moving, and enjoy time with friends and family.

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Personal 30 minute one-on-one coaching session with Christine Young,  Executive Life Coach  (via phone or Skype).  Value $125.

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Thank you for reading.