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    I’m kinda hesitant about loosing weight in 7 days using the program. Can you advice us on what to expect realistically when we start the program?


    Sara Player

    Hi Jane- I’ve done both of Amanda’s programs. Awhile ago I joined the 4 phase plan and then most recently I had a bachlorette trip that I needed to get ‘bikini ready’ for as quickly as possible so I did the 7 day plan and I actually saw amazing results (and I have to be honest I didn’t stick to the meal plan perfectly). It was honestly the first time in my life I was comfortable and happy to take pictures in a bikini and post them online. I also received tons of compliments. I think with the 7 day plan you get out of it exactly what you put into it. So if you really stick to the exercises and meals you will definitely get results. I hope that helps 🙂


    Amanda Russell

    Sara, thank you so much for your input!!

    Jane- great question: The 7 day plan is designed to RESET your metabolism and clean out your system. Think of it as spring cleaning, but for your body! You will get your body in FAT BURNING Mode, speed up your metabolism and get processed foods out of your system! This is not a starvation diet but rather a complete 7 Day Body Reset fitness and nutrition program you can follow regardless of your fitness level.


    Amanda Russell

    oops I pressed ‘post’ before i finished!

    The 7 day reset includes delicious, expertly crafted yet super simple and convenient recipes, snacks, and meals—all customizable to your preferences and dietary restrictions — that keep you satisfied while boosting your metabolism. Over the 7 days, you’ll get to create healthy combinations of your favourite foods along with the recipes to keep your metabolism humming, so you’ll continue to scorch calories, lose the belly bloat and shed pounds. The plan also provides daily workouts, in a very strategic formula and ratio of bodyweight strength training, cardio and toning (each workout comes with my complete instructional workout video so you have exactly what you need to achieve the celebrity-worthy Fit, Strong and VERY Sexy physique you’ve always wanted. No equipment necessary!

    Whether you’re looking to lose significant weight or just those last 5 pounds, The Body Reset offers a proven program to hit the reset button, slim down, and get healthy in just 7 days—and stay that way for good!

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