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    Sharon Ann

    Hello! I am in need of some advice and was hoping you could help me. I am in my 20s, and I am under weight at a dangerous level. I used to have a healthy weight, but I lost 15lbs over the past eight months due to stress and dieting.

    My problem is I love to run every day, but my doctor ordered me to stop until I regain a healthy weight. I don’t want to quit running because I love it and I’m also afraid that I’ll lose endurance if I stop.

    Can you recommend any type of workout plan that still involves running that’s safe for my condition and is aimed toward gaining weight?


    Amanda Russell

    Dear Sharon,

    I am so sorry for the delay response, and even more concerned to hear of your health situation. I understand how addictive running can be. While it’s good and healthy for most people, when taken to an extreme, or if done in an unhealthy state, it can be very dangerous. You must listen to your doctor here. I know this is tough, but think of it as a challenge, and make it your goal to get to a healthy weight. Use the time you would normally go for a run, and seek out other hobbies or ways to release stress such as journaling, painting, reading, learning a new language.
    You will not lose endurance if you stop, in fact, at such a low body weight, you are losing strength, and will be losing a lot more if you continue down this path.
    I know this is not what you want to hear, but it is so important, you want to be fit and ‘have endurance’but you need to get healthy again so you have the strength and energy to run at your best in the long term.
    To embrace running, you must embrace your health. I recommend talking to a counselor or therapist, as i sounds like your passion for running has gone from healthy habit to obsession and detrimental addiction.
    Your body can only handle so much stress before it starts to fight back. Being fit is more than just being fit physically, it also involves psychological and emotional factors.
    I’m a big fan of goals. talk to your doctor about setting goals. For example, he can give you health and weight goals to reach and at each goal you can work your way up to running.
    Right now the most important thing is following medical advice and getting healthy. I want you to be Fit Strong and Sexy, and that means healthy, body and mind!

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