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    I’m at phase 2 of the program and I’m having trouble keeping up and committing to finish. Due to my irregular work schedule I don’t get enough sleep. Any advice to keep myself motivated and commit to finish the whole program?


    Amanda Russell

    Hi Jane!
    Such a great question, and one I have spent A LOT of time studying myself!
    For most people, the challenge of finding and maintaining motivation in fitness is one of life’s unsolved mysteries.

    However, I believe this is a puzzle that can be solved, and when it is, it can be dramatically life-changing.

    What motivates one person may be entirely different than what motivates another. But no matter what, personal motivation is as unique as each of our fingerprints. Pinpointing that is a real challenge and requires perseverance.

    So how do we begin searching for this internal motivation? For starters we need to look at more than just specific activities and end results, rather we must delve into some deep reflection and figure out what it is that really lights that spark within us.

    I like to compare it to dating. Look at the difference in effort you put into a first date with someone you are excited about versus someone you deem a frog. I’ll bet there is a lot more thought put in it if you feel this person could be that Prince or Princess Charming.

    Fitness is no different. Once you have captured that spark, I believe that maintaining and even upgrading your activity level will enhance your lifestyle, boost your confidence and increase your energy levels and overall happiness.

    I can’t lie to you, there will be times when even the most motivated person will want to pack up and move into Tim Hortons. This is only natural. It is in these tough times that it is important to remind ourselves of our ultimate goals something that you can turn to when you need to reactivate your motivation.

    Some examples that tend to work are:

    – A journal to keep track of your physical and emotional progress.

    – A picture of something that reminds you of your goal and motivates you. It could be a picture of your child, a postcard of the beach where you hope to wear your new swimsuit, a printout of the wedding dress you plan to wear, or anything else that stirs the motivation in you.

    – A daily chart or schedule that allows you to visualize your week ahead and stick to your good intentions. Planning is paramount. If you schedule it in, you are exponentially more likely to stick with it.

    – A music playlist of songs you can look forward to hearing which inspire you to move.

    – Friends who have similar goals or who are motivated to be active. Take a class together, support each other, hold each other accountable. You can find others like you at, where you will also find workouts, recipes, tricks and tips to help keep yourself motivated.

    There is no one size fits all. Motivation to get or stay fit is no doubt a complicated puzzle. Just as some workers are driven by salary and others by a sense of purpose, we all have a unique set of drivers that can propel our fitness motivation levels to the point where we not only reach our goals but we change our long-term habits and perhaps even motivate those around us in the process.

    If you don’t yet know what motivates you, I urge you to spend some time really thinking what ‘it’ is that will ignite the fire in you to get up from your comfortable position and get moving.

    Anyone, have their own motivation secrets?

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