Get Fit Faster! Ditch the Scale and Use THIS!

We all want to get fit, and we all want to get there faster, no? Well maybe you don’t but if that’s the case, this site is not for you! Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.54.58 PM

One of the biggest issues, is that it’s hard to measure, and really know if the time you are spending hitting the gym, or trying to eat better is really paying off.

Many of us spend countless amounts of time, money and energy and don’t see the results we want.

I have always been an advocate of planning – you need to have a plan, but with that plan, you also need to have check points, and sorry guys, it’s 2016. By now you should know the scale is not in the slightest a reflection of your fitness level.

So how do we measure fitness?

There are so many new technologies out there that CAN actually measure the things that count (aka your muscle quality and body fat), but many of them need to be performed at specific athletic or medical centers, cost a lot of money and/or are complicated to use!

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I admit, I get a TON of inquiries from various companies asking me to try various products and I rarely ever fall in love after trying them, especially enough to want to actually SHARE them myself and tell everyone.

THIS I am seriously obsessed with, it has changed my life, and made my workouts even more efficient. Essentially, it has re-invigorated that spark in me again!

What is it? The Sculpt Chisel!

Here’s the deal: Sculpt recently sent me the Chisel smart fitness trainer to try out.

  • Essentially, it uses Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM) technology to measure body fat and muscle quality in up to 24 muscle groups. Then it actually offers personalized workout and nutrition guidance based on your Muscle Quality and % body fat to help fine tune your workouts and help you reach your fitness goals, and is SO simple to use.

What to do:

  • Select the muscle you want to measure on the app, spray the sensors with water to make good contact with your skin, and place it to your muscles.   On the Sculpt app, you’ll instantly see two numbers: your fat percentage for the specific muscle and your muscle quality rating – to show how fit your muscle is

Here’s the deal: Muscle quality and body fat are more closely correlated to fitness than anything else in your body, so you’ll get a thorough understanding and easy way to gauge your fitness by using this device.

Use this WITH your fitness program and get fit faster! Know exactly what’s working, what’s not, and have the personal knowledge to make better decisions about your workouts and diet.

My FINAL Review5 star review

Game Changer!!! This has ignited a new motivation in me and perspective for how I approach my workouts!

For example, when I received my muscle score, I was not only happy, but it proved my workouts are working and re-invigorated  me to keep going, get stronger, and provided tangible PROOF to all those ‘haters’ that although I may look ‘skinny’, I’m extremely strong!

Think of it like the smart personal trainer

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Seriously – don’t miss this, it will change your fitness forever!

Find out how to measure muscle quality and percentage fat to get the body you want using Sculpt’s new smart fitness trainer. Be one of the first to pick one up for $99 when you use this link!

Pair that with your daily fitness program, and you will be sculpted, fitter, stronger, sexier FASTER!

xo, Amanda

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