GIRLS RUN IN STYLE- New Balance is ripping it up!


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What is your Source of Inspiration?

This is a question has come up repeatedly, and I think it’s a question many interviewers love to ask, but nearly impossible to answer with one simple word or statement.

We are each as unique as our fingerprint, and the answer to this question will be different with every person you ask; heck, it will change depending on the time of day/week or hour you ask!

However, having read and asked countless people, all answers seem to be variations of this:

Family, people who believe in them, and stories of overcoming great challenges.

We each must find what fires us up. What makes us want to live an extraordinary life because it’s not easy. It requires that we push ourselves when we are tired, weary, or just feeling done with it all.

So the answer I’ve found most beneficial is that rather than seeking to find an answer, we should be continuously looking for inspiration.


I’ve been inspired by everything from a person to a random quote I’ve seen on someone’s Facebook page.

When I’m inspired I want to share it because you never know who else it will inspire.

So first, I am asking you to please share in the comments below what inspires YOU or post it on Facebook or twitter and just make sure to tag me #fitstrongsexy so I can reply.

Inspiration worth sharing + Review

New Balance just launched their first ever Women’s Catalogue, and they sent it to me to look at before it came out. Ladies, if I were to create a catalogue, this would be IT! Check it out: New Balance Women’s Catalogue cover NB

You literally have to check it out for yourself, the whole theme is #WomenRunThisTown!! So obviously it’s going to be cool.

But what I liked most was that the pages are packed with strong, inspiring images, quotes and stories of real athletes and women.

I’ve worked with many sports and fitness apparel brands, worn their names and logos, and made many recommendations, but this campaign struck an emotional chord.

It made me realize that there are many generic, ‘good quality’ brands out there, but what is interesting here is how they associate a whole philosophy, a power that is greater than simply what we wear.

But it does help that they are doing it in high performance, high quality products.

nb inspo

So it’s now FALL – and with fall comes my FALL #FITNESS FASHION HAUL. There are so many new names out there and it’s overwhelming, but there is definitely something special about New Balance, and there’s a reason they’ve been around for 100 years!


I received this amazing shipment of some of the new pieces from their fall collection (pictures do not do justice).



However if all this doesn’t inspire you, you have to get a look at the Hot Shorts!!

Nothing wrong with the tights, but seriously, why are we all wearing tights vs shorts? I’m sorry but working out in shorts is MUCH more comfortable, but society has made us all so darn self-conscious that women are sweating it out in tights, even INSIDE the gym, just look around!

This fall I want to bring back the fitness fashion minorities. And here is my favorite piece: The NB Hot Short, especially in different colors besides black!

hot shorts nb

If the idea of wearing hot shorts doesn’t motivate you to get busy, I’m not sure what will. I think hot shorts are among the hottest thing a girl can rock.

shorts nbExtra sass?

Set the Trend?
Try a colored pair.

Get over your insecurities, and get your butt inspired with a pair of these babies!

Nothing says confidence like a girl who can rock them.

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p.s. leave a comment below, let me know how you think the New Balance catalog stacks up! Would you sport these styles at your next sweat session?

WE THE WOMEN of New Balance have created this collection of fitness apparel and footwear inspired by our shared LOVE OF SPORT, drive to discover what’s next, and passion for WHAT’S POSSIBLE. Welcome to NB WOMEN where every tight fits right, every layer works hard, and every shoe lets you move with perfect freedom. Take a look and find WHAT YOU LOVE.